The company is considered as best automobile workshop in twin cities when it comes to hybrid vehicles. specializes in on-site maintenance work of any hybrid or conventional vehicle with state of the art tools and trained technical professionals. We have trained mechanics for hybrid cars in Islamabad Pakistan. We offer best automobile workshop experience to our customers.

Convenient: No need to visit workshops all the time

Comfort: At your own location

Cost: No Rip-offs / No hidden costs / 95% upfront rates

Best automobile workshop Honda Vezel Toyota Prius is referred as best automobile workshop when programming of on board ECM,s is required for performance, and trouble shooting or any other electrical problems which the local manufacturers are unable to repair. We can reprogram the ECU for almost any vehicle for performance upgrades, reset the P0420 data and perform Dual clutch and dry clutch calibrations and adjustments on Honda, Nissan & Toyota Vehicles.

Dual clutch calibrations
Toyota Aqua / Prius ABS programming
Catalytic cleaning and engine tune-up
Hybrid system inspection service / Diagnostics

best automobile workshop
best automobile workshop
best automobile workshop

Why you need an expert Mechanic for Hybrid Cars?

With the passage of time it is observed that some mechanics are reluctant to work on hybrid cars. The maintenance and repairs for them are different to a standard car. So certainly you require an accomplished mechanic for hybrid cars in Islamabad Pakistan like us to make things work for you. Do call us if you want to experience best automobile workshop in Islamabad.

A hybrid car differs in the sense that when you turn off the ignition for a non-hybrid, the vehicle is effectively off. The battery though still connected, but the car’s engine is not going to power up mid-service. On the contrary a hybrid car has a motive battery that is much more powerful than the standard auto battery which can also kick on by itself. Servicing these high end cars require best automobile workshop to handle complications. For any of the mechanic for hybrid cars in Islamabad Pakistan, this can all become very dangerous as in the case of key removal the car’s engine may still engage the use of battery. If all power and batteries not disconnected properly then it may cause damage to the car.

Another reason is that these cars have high-voltage electrical systems and requires an insulated gloves during repair due to the risk of an electric shock. That is why it requires an expert Toyota and Honda mechanic for hybrid cars in Islamabad Pakistan to work with this. We are considered as best automobile workshop for hybrids and other cars. Android App Link

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