Automotive Acronyms and Abbreviations
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Automotive Acronyms and Abbreviations

Automotive Acronyms and Abbreviations

List of Popular Automotive Acronyms and Abbreviations used in Vehicles


ABS Antilock Brake System
ABSV  Air Bypass Solenoid Valve (Mazda)
ABV  Air Bypass Valve
AC Alternating Current
ACC Air Conditioning Clutch
ACC  Automatic Climate Control
ACCS  A/C Cycling Clutch Switch
ACD  Air Conditioning Demand Switch
ACL  Air Cleaner (Thermostatic Type)
ACM  Air Bag Control Module
ACON  Air Conditioning On Signal
ACP  Air Conditioning Pressure Signal
ACPSW  Air Conditioning Pressure Switch
ACR  Air Conditioning Relay
ACR4  Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging
ACT  Air Charge Temperature
ACTS  Air Charge Temperature Sensor
ADS  Auxiliary Discriminating Sensor
ACV  Air Control Valve
ADU  Analog Digital Unit
AECM  Air Bag Electronic Control Module
AFC  Air Flow Control
AFM  Air Flow Meter
AFM  Air Flow Meter
AFR  Air Fuel Ratio
AFS  Air Flow Sensor
AIR (Secondary Air Injection System) Air Injection Reactor
AIRB  Secondary Air Injection Bypass
AIRD  Secondary Air Injection Diverter
AIS  Automatic Idle Speed
AIV  Air Injection Valve
ALC  Automatic Level Control
ALCL  Assembly Line Communications Link (GM)
ALDL  Assembly Line Data Link
ALT  Alternator (replaced with GEN)
AM1  Air Management 1, AIR Bypass
AM2  Air Management 2, AIR Diverter
AMB  Ambient
AOD  Automatic Overdrive
AODE  Automatic Overdrive Electronic Transmission
AODE-W  Automatic Overdrive Electronic Wide (ratio transmission)
AP  Accelerator Pedal
APC  Automatic Performance Control
APP  Accelerator Pedal Position
APS  Absolute Pressure Sensor
APS  Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
APT  Adjustable part Throttle
ARS  Automatic Restraint System
ASARC  Air Suspension Automatic Ride Control
ASD  Automatic Shutdown Relay
ASDM  Airbag System Diagnostic Module
ASE  Automotive Service Excellence
ASM  Acceleration Simulation Mode
ASR  Automatic Slip Regulation
ATC  Automatic Temperature Control
ATDC  After Top Dead Centre
ATF  Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATM  Actuator Test Mode
ATS  Air Temperature Sensor
ATX  Automatic Transaxle
AVOM  Analog Volt / Ohm Meter
AWD  All Wheel Drive
AX4S  Automatic 4 Speed Trans.
AXOD  Automatic Overdrive Transaxle
AXOD-E  Automatic Overdrive Transaxle –  Electronically Controlled


B/MAP  Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure
B+  Battery Positive Voltage
BAC  Bypass Air Control Valve
BAP  Barometric Atmosphere Pressure
BARO  Barometric Pressure
BAT  Battery
BBDC Before bottom dead centre
BBL  Barrel
BC  Blower Control
BCM  Body Control Module
BDC bottom dead centre
BHP  Brake Horse Power
BHS  Bimetal Heat Sensor (Ford)
BID  Breaker less Inductive Discharge (AMC)
BLM  Block Learn Multiplier (replaced with LT FUEL TRIM)
BMAP  Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
BOB  Breakout Box
BOO  Brake On / Off Switch
BP  Barometric Pressure
BPA  Mechanical Bypass Air
BPCSV  Bypass Control Solenoid Valve
BPP  Brake Pedal Position
BPS  Back Pressure Sensor
BPT  Back Pressure Transducer
BPV  Bypass Valve (Ford)
BPW  Brake Pulse Width
BSV  Backfire Suppressor (Ford)
BTDC  Before Top Dead Center
BTS  Battery Temperature Sensor
BTSI  Brake Transmission Shift Interlock
BTU  British Thermal Unit
BUS N  Bus Negative
BUS P  Positive Bus
BV  Bowl Vent Port (Ford)
BVSV  Bi-Metal Vent Control Valve
BVT Backpressure Variable Transducer


C  Carbon
C  Celsius
C.A.R.B.  California Air Resource Board
C3I  Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
CAC  CAC (Charge Air Cooler) After Cooler Charge Air Cooler Inter Cooler
CALPAK  Calibration Pack
CAN  Controller Area Network
CANP  Canister Purge Solenoid Valve EVAP
CARB  Carburetor
CARB  California Air Resources Board
CAS  Crank Angle Sensor
CASE  Cranking Angle Sensing Error
CAT  Catalytic Converter
CBD  Closed Bowl Distributor
CC  Catalytic Converter
CC  Climate Control
CC  Cruise Control
CCA  Centre Control Assembly
CCC  Computer Command Control System (GM)
CCC  Converter Clutch Control Solenoid
CCCI  Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
CCD  Computer Controlled Dwell
CCDIC  Climate Control Driver Information Centre
CCECS  Computer Controlled Emission Control System
CCEI  Coolant Controlled Idle Enrichment (Chrysler)
CCEV  Coolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch (Chrysler)
CCM  Central Control Module
CCM  Continuous Component Monitor
CCO  Converter Clutch Overdrive Solenoid
CCOT  Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCP  Climate Control Panel
CCRM  Constant Control Relay Module
CCRM  Constant Control Relay Module
CCS  Coast Clutch Solenoid
CCSP  Carbon Canister Storage/Purge
CCV  Canister Control Valve
CDCV  Canister Drain Cut Valve
CDI  Capacitor Discharge Ignition
CDR  Chrysler Diagnostic Readout
CDRV  Crankcase Depression Regulator Valve
CE  Commutate End
CEAB  Cold Engine Air Bleed
CEC  Crankcase Emission Control System (Honda)
CEC  Computerized Emission Control System
CECU  Central Electronic Control Unit (Nissan)
CEL  Check Engine Light
CER  Cold Enrichment Rod (Ford)
CES  Clutch Engage Switch
CESS  Cold Engine Sensor Switch
CFC  Chlorofluorocarbons
CFI  Central Fuel Injection
CFI  Continuous Fuel Injection
CFM  Cubic Feet Per Minute
CFRM  Condenser Fan Relay Module
CFV  Critical Flow Venture
CHM  Cold Mixture Heater
CID  Cubic Inch Displacement
CID  Cylinder Identification Signal
CIM  Column Integration Module
CIS  Continuous Injection System (Bosch)
CKP  Crankshaft Position Sensor
CKP REF  Crankshaft Position Reference
CKT  Circuit
CL  Closed Loop
CLC  Converter Lockup Clutch (replaced with TCC)
CLCC  Closed Loop Carburetor Control
CLECS  Closed Loop Emission Control System
CLFCS  Closed Loop Fuel Control System
CLNT  Coolant
CLV  Calculated Load Value
CMFI  Central Multiport Fuel Injection
CMP  Camshaft Position Sensor
CMP REF  Camshaft Position Reference
CMTC  Compass/Mini Trip Computer
CNG  Compressed Natural Gas
CO  Carbon Monoxide
CO2  Carbon Dioxide
COC  Conventional Oxidation Catalyst (Ford)
COP  Coil On Plug Electronic Ignition
CP  Canister Purge (GM)
CPA  Connector Position Assurance
CPI  Central Port Fuel Injection
CPP  Clutch Pedal Position
CPS  Central Power Supply
CPSOV  Canister Purge Shut Off Valve (Ford)
CPU  Central Processing Unit
CRK  Cranking Signal
CRT.  circuit
CSC  Coolant Spark Control (Ford)
CSE GND  PCM Case Ground
CSF  Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation
CSFI  Central Sequential Fuel Injection
CSSA  Cold Start Spark Advance System (Ford)
CSSH  Cold Start Spark Hold System (Ford)
CTAV  Cold Temperature Actuated Vacuum Switch (Ford)
CTM  Central Timer Module
CTO  Clean Tachometer Output
CTOX  Continuous Trap Oxidizer
CTP  Closed Throttle Position
CTS  Coolant Temperature Sensor
CTVS  Choke Thermal Vacuum Switch
CV  Constant Velocity
CV  Control Valve
CVCC  Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion System (Honda)
CVR  Control Vacuum Regulator (Ford)
CVS  Constant Volume Sampler
CVVT  Continuous Variable Valve Timing


DAB  Delayed Accessory Bus
dB  Decibels
DBW Drive-By-Wire
DC  Direct Current
DC  Duty Cycle
DCISCA  DC Motor Idle Speed Actuator
DCL  Data Communication Link
DDL  Diagnostic Data Link
DEC  Digital Electronic Controller
DEC  Diesel Engine Control
DEFI  Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
DEPS  Digital Engine Position Sensor
DERM  Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module
DFCO  Diesel Fuel Cut-off Mode
DFI  Direct Fuel Injection
DFS  Deceleration Fuel Shut-off
DI  Direct Ignition
DIC  Driver Information Center
DICM  Distributor Ignition Control Module
DIS  Distributorless Ignition System
DLC  Data Link Connector
DM  Drive Motor
DMCM  Drive Motor Control Module
DMCT  Drive Motor Coolant Temperature
DME  Digital Motor Electronics
DMIVA  Distributor Mounted Ignition Vacuum Advance
DMPI Module  Drive Motor Power Inverter Module
DMS  Distributor Modulator System
DOHC  Double Overhead Camshaft
DOL  Data Output Line to IPC
DPC  Dynamic Pressure Control
DPF  Diesel Particulate Filter
DPFE  Differential Pressure Feedback EGR
DPI  Dual Plug Ignition
DRB  Diagnostic Readout Box
DRCV  Distributor Retard Control Valve
DRL  Daytime Running Lights
DSAS  Deceleration Spark Advance System
DSO  Digital Storage Oscilloscope
DSR  Ford Diagnostic Subroutine
DSS  Downshift Solenoid
DSSA  Dual Signal Spark Advance (Ford)
DSV  Deceleration Solenoid Valve
DTC  Diagnostic Trouble Code
DTC FRZ  Diagnostic Trouble Code Freeze Frame
DTM  Diagnostic Test Mode
DTVS  Dual Temperature Vacuum Switch
DV  Delay Valve
DVAC  Distributor Vacuum Advance Control Valve
DVDSV  Differential Vacuum Delay and Separator Valve
DVOM  Digital Volt Ohmmeter
DV TW- Relay Valve Two Way
DVVV  Distributor Vacuum Vent Valve


EEPROM  Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
E4OD  Electronic 4-Speed Overdrive
EAC  Electronic Air Control (replaced with AIR)
EACV  Electronic Air Control Valve
EAIR  Electronic Secondary Air Injection
EAT  Electronically Controlled Automatic Transaxle Or Transmission
EBCM  Electronic Brake Control Module
EBL  Electric Back Lite (Rear Window Defroster)
EBM  Electronic Body Module
EBP  Exhaust Back :Pressure
EBTCM  Electronic Brake T/C Module
EC  Engine Control
ECA  Electronic Control Assembly
ECC  Electronic Climate Control
ECCS  Electronic Concentrated Control System
ECI  Extended Compressor at Idle
ECIT  Electronic Control Ignition Timing
ECITS  Electronic Control Ignition Timing System
ECL  Engine Coolant Level
ECM  Engine Control Module
ECS  Emission Control System
ECT  Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU  Electronic Control Unit
EDF  Electro Drive Fan
EDFI  Electronic Diesel Fuel Injection
EDI  Electronic Controlled Direct Ignition System
EDIS  Electronic Distributorless Ignition System
EDL  Engine Data Line
EDM  Electronic Distributor Modulator (Ford)
EEC  Electronic Engine Control (Ford)
EECS  Evaporative Emission Control System
EEGR  Electronic EGR (Solenoid)
EEGR Monitor  Electronic EGR Test
EEPROM  Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EESS  Evaporative Emission Shed System (Ford)
EET  Electronic EGR Transducer
EEVIR  Evaporator Equalized Values in Receiver
EFC  Electronic Fuel Control
EFCA  Electronic Fuel Control Assembly
EFE  Early Fuel Evaporation
EFI  Electronic Fuel Injection
EFT  Engine Fuel Temperature
EFV  Early Fuel Evaporation
EGC  Exhaust Gas Check Valve
EGO  Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
EGR  Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGR Monitor  OBDII EGR Test
EGR TVV  Exhaust Gas Recirculation Thermal Vacuum Valve
EGRB  EGR Boost Sensor
EGRC  EGR Control Solenoid (Ford)
EGRC-BPT  EGR Control Back Pressure Transducer
EGRPS  EGR Valve Position Sensor
EGRT  Exhaust Gas Recirculation Temperature
EGRV  Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vent Solenoid
EH  Electro Hydraulic
EI  Integrated Electronic Ignition System
ELC  Electronic Level Control
ELCD  Evaporative Loss Control Device
EM  Engine Modification
EMB  Electromagnetic Brakes
EMF  Electromagnetic Field
EMI  Electromagnetic Interference
EMR  Electronic Module Retard
EOBD  European On Board Diagnostics
EOP  Engine Oil Pressure
EOS  Exhaust Oxygen Sensor
EOT  Engine Oil Temperature
EP  Exhaust Pressure
EPA  Environmental Protection Agency
EPC  Electronic Pressure Control
EPOS  EGR Valve Position Sensor
EPROM  Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPT  EGR Pressure Transducer (replaced with PFE)
ESA  Electronic Spark Advance (Chrysler)
ESC  Electronic Spark Control System
ESD  Electrostatic Discharge
ESS  Engine Speed Sensor
EST  Electronic Spark Timing
ETC  Electronic Temperature Control
ETP  EGR Pressure Transducer
ETR  Electronically Tuned Receiver
EVAP  Evaporative Emissions System
EVAP CP  Evaporative Canister Purge
EVAP CV  Evaporative Emissions System Canister Vent
EVIC  Electronic Vehicle Information Center
EVO  Electronic Vehicle Orifice
EVP  EGR Valve Position Sensor
EVR  EGR Vacuum Regulator
EVSV  Electronic Vacuum Switching Valve
EWL  Engine Warning Lamp


F  Fahrenheit
F4WD  Full Time Four Wheel Drive
FAN  Cooling Fan (Low or High Speed)
FBC  Feedback Carburetor
FBCA  Feedback Carburetor Actuator
FC  Fan Control
FCA  Fuel Control Assembly (Chrysler)
FCS  Fuel Control Solenoid
FDBK  Feedback
FDC  Fuel Deceleration Valve
FDV  Fuel Decal Valve
FEEPROM  Flash Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
FF  Flexible Fuel
FI  Fuel Injector
FIC  Fast Idle Control
FICD  Fast Idle Control Device
FIPL  Fuel Injection Pump Lever
FLC  Fluid Lock-up Converter (Ford)
FLS  Fluid Level Sensor
FM  Fan Motor Program in PCM
FMEM  Failure Mode Effect Management
FOM  Fix Operating Mode (Limp Mode)
FP  Fuel Pump
FPCM  Fuel Injection Pump Control Module
FPM  Fuel Pump Monitor (in PCM)
FPRC  Fuel Pump Regulator Control
FRP  Fuel Rail Pressure
FRT  Fuel Rail Temperature
FRZ  Freeze Frame
FT  Fuel Trim; Adaptive Fuel Strategy  Foot Pound
FTL  Fuel Tank Level Sensor
FTO  Filtered Tachometer Output
FTP  Fuel Tank Pressure
FTT  Fuel Tank Temperature
FWD  Front Wheel Drive


g/sec  Grams per Second
GAL  Gallon
GCM  Governor Control Module
GCW  Gross Combination Weight
GDC  Fuel Data Centre
GDI  Gasoline Direct Injection
GEM  Generic Electronic Module
GND  Electrical Ground Connection
GPC  Glow Plug Control
GPL  Glow Plug Wait Lamp
GPM  Grams Per Mile
GPR  Glow Plug Relay
GPS  Global Positioning System
GST  Generic Scan Tool
GVW  Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR  Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
Abbreviations Used by Toyota / Lexus


AC Alternating Current
ACC Accessory
ACM Active Control Engine Mount System
ACM Active Control Engine
ACIS Acoustic Control Induction System
ACSD Automatic Cold Start Device
ACV Air Control Valve (ACIS)
ADD Automatic Disconnecting Differential
A/F Air/Fuel Ratio
AHC Active Height Control Suspension
ALR/ELR Automatic Locking Retractor/Emergency Locking Retractor
ALT Alternator
AMP Amplifier
ANT Antenna
ASL Automatic Sound Levelizer
ASV Air Switching Valve (Actuator)
AT Automatic Transmission (Transaxle)
ATF Automatic transmission Fluid
AT/PZEV Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle
AUTO Automatic
AUX Auxiliary
AVC-LAN Audio Visual Communication – Local Area Network
AVG Average
AVS Adaptive variable Suspension


BA Brake
BACS Boost Altitude Compensation System
BAT Battery
BDC Bottom Dead Center
BEAMS Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System
BEAN Body Electronics Area Network
B/L Bi-Level / Bluetooth
B/S Bore-Stroke
BTDC Before Top Dead Center
BVSV Bimetallic Vacuum Switching Valve


CB Circuit Breaker
C-BEST Customized Body Electronics System
CCo Catalytic Converter for Oxidation
CCS Cruise Control System
CCV Canister Closed Valve
CD Compact Disk
Cd Coefficient of drag
CF Cornering Force
CG Center of Gravity
CH Channel
CHMSL Center high-mount stop lamp
CLV Calculated Load Value
COMB. Combination
CPE Coupe
CPS Combustion Pressure Sensor
CRS Child Restraint System
CTR Center
C/V Check Valve
CV Control Valve
CVN Software Calibration Verification Number or Calibration Verification Number
CVT Continuously Variable Transmission
CW Curb Wight


DAC Downhill Assist Control
D-CAT Diesel Clean Advanced Technology
DCNI Data Communication Network Interface
DFL Deflector
DIFF. Differential
DIFF. Lock Differential Lock
D/INJ Direct Injection
DLI Distributorless Ignition
DOHC Double Over Head Cam
DP Dash Pot
DPNR Diesel PM and NOx Reduction
DRL Daytime running lights
DS Dead Soak
DSP Digital Signal Processor


EBD Electronic Brake Force Distribution
ECAM Engine Control and Measurement System
ECB Electronically Controlled Braking System
ECD Electronic Controlled Diesel
ECDY Eddy Current Dynamometer
ECU Electronic Control Unit
ECT-i Electronically Controlled Transmission with intelligence (5-speed)
ED Electro-deposited Coating
EDIC Electric Diesel Injection Control
EDU Electronic Driving Unit
EFI Electronic Fuel Injection
E/G Engine
EGR/VM EGR Vacuum Modulator
ELR Emergency Locking Retractor
ESA Electronic Spark Advance
ETCS Electronic Throttle Control System
ETCS-i Electronic Throttle Control System – intelligent
ETR Electronically Tuned Radio
EVP Evaporator
EV-RV Electric Vacuum regulating Valve


FCHV Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle
FE Fuel Economy
FF Front-Engine Front-Wheel-Drive
F/G Fuel Gauge
FIPG Formed in Place Gasket
FL Fusible Link
F/P Fuel Pump
FPU Fuel Pressure Up
Fr Front
FT Fuel Trim
F/W Flywheel
FW/D Flywheel Damper
FWD Front-Wheel-Drive


GBS VIP Glass Breakage Sensor
GND Ground
GPS Global Positioning System


HAC Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
HB Hatchback
HCAC Hydrocarbon Adsorber Catalyst system
HI High
HID High Intensity Discharge (Head Lamp)
HSG Housing
HSEA High Solar Energy-Absorbing
HT Hard Top
HWS Heated Windshield System


IAC Idle Air Control
IC Integrated
IDI Indirect Diesel Injection
IFS Independent Front Suspension
IGBT Semiconductor Switching Device
IIA Integrated Ignition Assembly
IN Intake (Manifold, Valve)
INT Intermittent
I/P Instrumental Panel
IRS Independent Rear Suspension


J/B Junction Block
J/C Junction Connector


KD Kick-Down


LATCH Lower anchors and top tether brackets
LB Liftback
LHD Left-Hand Drive
LLC Long-Life Coolant
LSD Limited Slip Differential
LSP and BV Load Sensing Proportion and Bypass Valve
LSPV Load Sensing Proportion Valve


MAINT. Engine Oil replacement Reminder Light
MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp
MP Multipurpose
MPS Multiplex communication System
MSRP Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
M/T Manual Transmission
MT Mount
MTG Mounting


NA Natural Aspiration
NVS Night View System


OCV Oil Control Valce(VVT-i)
O/D Over Drive
OEM Original Equipement Manufacturing
OHC Overhead Camshaft
OPT Option
O/S Over Size


P and BV Proportioning and Bypass Valve
PCS Power Control System
PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PDS Pre-Delivery Service
PKV Parking Brake
PPS Progressive Power Steering
PS Power Steering
PSD Power-split Device
PTO Power Take-OFF


R and P Rack and Pinion
R/B Relay Block
RBS Reticulating Bal Type Steering
RDS Radio Broadcast Data Sysem
R/F Reinforcement
RFS Rigid Front Suspension
RHD Right Hand Drive
RLY Relay
Rr Rear
RR Rear-Engine Rear Wheel Drive
RRS Rigid Rear Suspension
RWD Rear Wheel Drive


SEN Sensor
SICS Starting Injection Control System
SOC State of Charge
SOHC Single Overhead Camshaft
SPI Single Point Injection
SRS Supplemental Restraint System
SSM Special Service Material
SST Special Service Tools
STJ Cold-Start Fuel Injection
SULEV Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle


T/A Transaxle
TACH Tachometer
TBI Throttle Body Electronic Fuel Injection
TC Turbocharger
TCCS Toyota Computer Controlled System
TCV Timing Control Valve
TDC Top Dead Center
TDI Toyota Direct Ignition
TEMS Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension
TFS Toyota Financial Services
THS Toyota Hybrid System
THS II Toyota Hybrid System 2tr
TID Test Identification Data
TIS Total Information System for Vehicle Development
TMC Toyota Motor Corporation
TMMK. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Inc.
TRAC Traction Control System


UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
U/D Under Drive
U/S Under Size


VCV Vacuum Control
VGRS Variable Gear Ratio Steering
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
VIP Toyota Vehicle Intrusion Protection
VPS Variable Power Steering
VSC Vehicle Skid Control aka Vehicle Stability Control
VVT-i Variable Valve Timing with intelligence
VVTL-i Variable Valve Timing and Lift with intelligence
VTV Vacuum Transmitting Valve
W/H Wire Harness
2WD Two Wheel Drive Vehicle (4×2)
4WD Four Wheel Drive Vehicle (4×4)


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