Best Auto Workshop in Islamabad
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Best Auto Workshop in Islamabad

Let us talk about the car workshop famous as the best auto workshop in Islamabad: The teams at has a strong team of technicians experienced in this field. The fully equipped garage can handle almost all makes and models of cars that require daily maintenance or repairs. also offers performance products and remap services to its customers. Our team can chiptune or remap any diesel or petrol car to increase its performance and top speed. The services are designed to keep the maintenance standards at par or better than the official workshops.

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Car Maintenance Work

Our teams can perform maintenance work diagnostics on vehicle electronics with state-of-the-art J2534 diagnostics equipment. The technical team comprises certified automotive car mechanics, and they are continually upgrading themselves to keep in touch with the latest technologies.

Best Car Mechanic In Islamabad

The service standard and the courteous crew of the best auto workshop in Islamabad and Rawalpindi try to give customers personalized time. We take up engine rebuild services for 4×4 and more significant engines very seriously. Our portfolio for the rebuilds can be found on our Facebook page

Car Mechanic Near Me is considered the best auto workshop in Islamabad for engine replacement service because it is highly priced at official manufacturer’s workshops. Customers can pick top-quality engines that come with a warranty for their hybrid or non-hybrid cars and book a service with precise price quotes. The company has a complete range of hybrid batteries for all makes and models. We provide hardly used Japan Auction grade hybrid batteries. The company has been in the field of hybrid and 4×4 vehicles for almost six years now.

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Honda Centre Islamabad

We completely decode the dual-clutch system of newer Honda vehicles, and we can perform calibrations on it quite smoothly. Our research and development department has also successfully unlocked the cruise control limit of 110km/hrs. on all Honda Vehicles. The drive-by wire lag removal on the dual dry clutch is a signature service by us. We considered as best Honda Service Centre in Islamabad.

Best Auto Workshop For Car Tuning

The Tuning & Remapping services are also a popular service by Here we upgrade the vehicle electronics with the latest updates and firmware for increased performance. Some of the updates of the best Auto Workshop in Islamabad are direct from the factory, and we have further adjusted them to perform according to the environment in Pakistan. AdBlue is becoming more common in diesel cars, and we have a complete solution for it. Our professional team can also handle standard P0420 Error code in Atkinson cycle engines, a car mechanic in Islamabad.

Best Auto Workshop In Islamabad For 4×4

If, by any chance, your car turns itself off due to excessive choking of DPF. Feel free to call us for a permanent fix for all Nissan Navara, Honda, Toyota, Ford Ranger, and many other cars and jeeps. We can even reprogram your Isuzu, Hino, Renault, IVECO, MANN, and Mercedes trucks to work efficiently on Pakistani fuel.

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Professional Team

Our teams have successfully cleared the Secondary air injection pump error for Landcruiser V8. In our fix, there is no lack of performance in the vehicle. If you want an honest opinion about purchasing a car or the best and most reliable follow-up for car repairs, look no further and try the best auto workshop in Islamabad for car mechanics and maintenance.

Luxury Electric Cars Maintenance and Service

In recent years, luxury electric vehicles have become a symbol of sophistication and cutting-edge technology. However, when it comes to the maintenance and servicing of these extraordinary machines, only the best providers should be considered. has proven itself to be a reliable and proficient source in catering to the needs of luxury electric vehicle owners. Offering a team of highly skilled professionals armed with years of experience, the latest diagnostic tools, and a dedication to providing top-notch service, Fixmycar ensures that your high-end electric vehicle remains in peak condition. Beyond simple routine maintenance, the experts at are trained to tackle any issue that may arise with your luxury electric vehicle, allowing you to focus on enjoying the unparalleled performance and features that come with your exquisite automotive masterpiece.

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Best Auto Workshop For Honda Vezel and Toyota Prius

Call 0331-2227989 to make your appointment for service of any vehicle at a car workshop with our certified car mechanic, we offer on-site service of any vehicle by our highly equipped and trained staff at the customer’s premises.

Best hybrid car mechanic in Islamabad

Best Hybrid Honda Toyota Auto Workshop and Car Mechanic in Islamabad and Near Rawalpindi

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