Brake Service right at your home

Brake Service right at your home

Brake system

The most important safety feature in a car is its brakes, the brakes are controlled by the master cylinder, slave cylinders, brake bias valve and finally brake pads and brake shoes.

Why brake service is important ? 

It is very important to have the brakes rightly balanced so that they wear out evenly and provides a perfect stopping force. This will help in reducing excessive wear and tear of tires and will also control uneven wear out of suspension bushes and struts because of proper brake force distribution.

It is not as easy as it sounds. Brake pads, calipers and sliding pins shall be properly adjusted for a brake system to work efficiently.


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We currently provide this service to all cars and jeeps within Rawalpindi & Islamabad at your home or office.

Time Req: 1.5 Hrs

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