Catalytic Converters of Honda and Toyota
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Catalytic Converters of Honda and Toyota

What is Catalytic Converter?

A catalyst, in scientific or technical terms, is a chemical that is used in a chemical reaction to speed up the reaction without changing the reaction itself. Catalytic converter performs the same function, with the catalyst’s role being to speed up the removal of pollution.

The pollution-causing gases are made up of a variety of harmful molecules made up of relatively harmless atoms. So, if there’s a way to split up the molecules once they leave the car’s engine and before they’re pumped into the atmosphere, that would be great. We could either solve the pollution problem or find an alternative.

Components of Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is consist of a metal box with two pipes coming out of it under the car. One of them is the converter’s input, which is connected to the engine, uses heated and dirty gases from the engine’s cylinder to generate power. The output of the converter is attached to the tailpipe or exhaust, which is utilized to blow over the fumes from the engine, breaking down the polluted gases and transforming them into safe and harmless gases that can be readily blasted out into the air.

It is critical to understand that catalytic converters need the use of unleaded fuel since lead is a common fuel or more accurately. A poison that the catalyst inhibits from absorbing impurities in exhaust gases.

Catalytic Converter Function

Prior to the invention of catalytic converters, waste gases produced by automotive engines were blasted directly through the exhaust and then dumped into the atmosphere. The catalytic converter is located between the engine and exhaust pipe, but it is vital to note that it does not function like a traditional filter; rather, it alters the chemical makeup of the exhaust gases by simply rearranging the atoms. These atoms recombine into molecules of harmless substances like carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water, which blows out safely from the exhaust.

Catalytic Converter Working

The primary goal of a catalytic converter was to lessen the immediate impact of local, polluted air where the automobile driven. The issue is that the temperature at which it operates efficiently is above 300°C, which appears to occur after the engine given a chance to warm up. Catalytic converters used to take roughly 10–15 minutes to warm up, allowing them to stay useless for the first few kilometers of the ride. Modern converters warm up takes 2–3 minutes and considerable emissions can still occur during this period.

Catalytic converters, which convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide thought to be a contributing factor in climate change. Because carbon monoxide is eventually transformed into carbon dioxide which then discharged into the environment. A catalytic converter makes no effect; it just decreases the amount of carbon monoxide emitted by an automobile.

Fuel efficiency 

Improve fuel efficiency and recover the lost power by installing genuine catalytic converter. We also have a custom lifetime solution for Honda Civic and City and many other popular cars which is unlike the usual system of welding of plates. We design by taking the system’s back-pressure in mind with extreme precision. have Catalytic’s having very clean substrate / Element

Attached are images of catalytic converters of some popular cars in Pakistan. For catalytic converter price in Pakistan kindly contact us for quote.

Honda Civic R18 Catalytic Converter

Honda Civic Reborn R18

Honda Civic Turbo FC6 Catalytic Converter

Honda Civic Turbo FC6


toyota passo catalytic converter

Toyota Passo 1KR


Catalytic Converter Honda Civic FB2

Honda Civic FB2


toyota prius 1500 catalytic converter

Toyota Prius 1500


Honda Life Catalytic Converter

Honda Life


Catalytic Converter Honda City

Honda City


Catalytic Converter Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift


Honda Vezel Catalytic Converter

Honda Vezel

We have complete range of oxygen sensors known as AFR sensors.

Catalytic Converter Delete also available for all Toyota Vehicles such as Land cruisers, Prado, Surf, Crown, Prius and Aqua etc.

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