Catalytic Converter Issue Honda Civic
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Catalytic Converter Issue Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has been known for its reliable performance and fuel efficiency, but like any vehicle, it may encounter issues, and one common problem is related to the catalytic converter. Some Honda Civic owners have reported issues with the catalytic converter, which is a crucial component responsible for reducing harmful emissions. Problems with the catalytic converter can manifest as decreased engine performance, increased fuel consumption, or even illuminated check engine lights. These issues are often attributed to factors such as overheating, clogging, or damage caused by external factors.

Blanking EGR

The EGR system plays a crucial role in reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by recirculating a portion of exhaust gases back into the engine. This process helps lower combustion temperatures and minimize the formation of harmful pollutants.

If you believe there is a specific issue with your EGR system, it’s recommended to have it diagnosed and repaired by a certified mechanic or authorized service center. They will be able to identify any underlying problems and provide appropriate solutions in compliance with local regulations.

Some technicians are blanking the EGR after the removal of the catalytic substrate. If you have any problem with the fuel average on this model, do call us @ 0303-2227989 or 0331-2227989 and book a service. You can also book through our App on the Android store. Rawalpindi & Islamabad only

catalytic converter issue honda civic

Poor fuel average

When we inspected the car, the diagnostics led to the findings that the car had been fitted with a catalytic designed by a silencer shop without taking the back pressure in mind. The result was that the EGR was getting strained by the poor flow of the exhaust gases. The error of P0400 and P0401 further led to the conclusion that the EGR pump was either badly choked or blanked.  The emission control system was not only poorly ruined but it was actually damaging the engine as well. We found that the flow of the exhaust was slow because of installation of plates in the silencer header / exhaust manifold.

The car showed a fuel average of only 9km/ltr and the engine power was reduced to almost half of what it is supposed to perform.


Honda Civic catalytic

Average Improvement

Once we install our proprietary designed catalytic with a warranty of 85000km or 1 year the average jumped to actual 12-14km/ltr within city. The ECM was reset and the fuel density was relearned and the light throttle response was restored.

  • EGR error removal
  • Sports Catalytic
  • No Choking / Cleaning required
  • Working EGR
  • Primary o2 sensors working at top efficiency

Euro2 Spec Fuel

Please note that the fuel in our country is on Euro 2 Specification. The catalytic system of Honda Civic and City is at Euro 4 Specification. Our fuel (specially High Octane) has huge amounts of MMT (also found in injector cleaners and octane boosters). This can cause the catalytic cleaners to choke earlier than expected. The complete blockage usually occurs during long drives when the oxidation is dumped on the top of catalytic substrate. Under these circumstances the engine struggles to move @ speeds in access of 80km/hr. We have also seen completely melted or broken catalytic converters.

Catalytic substrate is broken and removed from the system to keep the car going while travelling. This will cause poor fuel average and early failure of valves but still is the best option. The silencer shops in Pakistan are also very keen in removing the honeycomb substrate because it sells for huge amounts.

Permanent solution for catalytic converter issue

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If you want a permanent solution for your damaged unit, unlike the ones welded with horizontal plates and showing emission errors on the diagnostics than call us for a permanent solution. Our catalytic has no chances of check engine light problems. Absolutely no difference in noise (just like Genuine) and a minimum of 100,000 km warranty. This all is provided at almost half the price of a brand new unit.

All Honda Civic Reborn UH6, FB2 (Civic 2009 to 2015), Honda city and some other brands are available with us.

Call at 0331-2227989 to make your appointment for service of any vehicle for catalytic converter issue, we offer on-site service of any vehicle by our highly equipped and trained staff at customers premises.

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