Genuine and OEM car parts
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Genuine and OEM car parts

Difference between Genuine and OEM parts

We recommend genuine parts for cars and jeeps. These parts go through proper testing and meet all safety and reliability standards, however, the same companies also sell the parts through a distribution network and are called OEM (original equipment manufacturers)

Many companies design components to function the same way. In many cases, OEM performs better than the genuine because during engineering they take out the mistakes of an old genuine part. Also, internationally no warranty is void in case of using an OEM part.

Importance of using Genuine and OEM parts in your car

Using genuine and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts in your car is of utmost importance for several reasons. Firstly, genuine and OEM parts are specifically designed and engineered to fit your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and safety. These parts undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures, guaranteeing their reliability and durability. By using these parts, you maintain the integrity of your vehicle, preserving its value and longevity.

Secondly, genuine and OEM parts are backed by warranties, giving you peace of mind in case of any defects or issues. Unlike aftermarket parts, which may not meet the same standards, genuine and OEM components provide a seamless fit, reducing the risk of malfunctions and accidents on the road. Moreover, using authentic parts also ensures that your vehicle maintains its fuel efficiency, emissions compliance, and overall performance, contributing to a smooth and trouble-free driving experience. Investing in genuine and OEM parts is an investment in your vehicle’s reliability, safety, and long-term efficiency.

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