Honda Civic Turbo X

Honda Civic Turbo X

Honda Civic Turbo

Honda civic comes with a turbo engine and a direct fuel injection system. The DFI explains the minor clicking noise. When you press the accelerator pedal clicking noise maybe heard.  It is from the Gdi pump. A lot of people think the noise is coming from tappets or more seriously a valve. A simple test for it is to release the gas pedal at 3000 RPM. If clicking noise go away then everything is fine.

Honda civic comes with a catalytic converter which is on top of the waste-gate of turbo. It is a latest design that enables quick removal of exhaust gases. Cleaning the catalytic converter is possible but involves removal of turbo and components, We have included some pictures in this article to explain the process. If left uncleaned, the downstream pressure can break the substrate completely which will leave the owner with option of buying a new catalytic only. Please call our no for a new catalytic converter.

First of all you have to inspect the condition of catalytic by removing the top most oxygen sensors. Please also note that catalytic converter cleaners and additives actually dump more residual particles on the catalytic converters. They are high in MMT. It is not good to use them on daily basis. Any kind of soot like material will eventually create more back pressure on the turbo head and damage the impeller completely. It is one of the nicest cars to own from the line of cars available in the Pakistani market. If your car is remapped, it can be completely down piped and the ceramic substrate can be cleaned. This requires professional level expertise as the input motor at the boost may throw some weird DTC,s like wastegate actuator trouble. VTC error or P0420 accompanied by a P0430 error.

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It is recommended to clean the intake plenums and waste gate area before installing catalytic back. Many Honda civic turbo cars have given stuck waste gate error. It comes with a plunger that is electrically controlled.

For service of catalytic converters and tune-ups of Honda civic vehicles feel free to call us at our no’s and book an appointment, we provide doorstep services for all makes and models.

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