Honda Vezel fuel filter
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Honda Vezel fuel filter

Recommended replacement cycle is 40,000KM

Honda recommends to change fuel filter every 40,000KM. It is because of the fact that it helps in keeping the fuel pump and the injectors free from any stress that is caused by debris in the fuel. We also recommend to replace in an event where vehicle is filled with poor / bad fuel. This can also cause fuel mixture lean error in Honda Hybrid vehicles. The error is usually P0139 DTC. Our team can also fix P0139 and P0420 errors through programming.

Honda Vezel fuel filter / strainer is placed between the front two seats. It is a very hard to reach area and requires a 10/10 skill level to open the center console along-with all electronics. Because this vehicle was recovered on-site so we recommend to open through the inside console. However it can also be opened by lifting the car and removing the tanks from the under side.

Care is required so that nothing is damaged or scratched in the process. We at have trained resources that can do this job at your premises and keep your Vezel in a top condition.

The following is a pictorial on how to do this job.

Stages of fuel filter / strainer replacement 

1st of all you need to remove the glove box completely



Dismantle the glove box and main facia


Power button and lower panel is removed

Honda Vezel fuel filter strainer replace


Honda Vezel fuel filter strainer replacem


Honda Vezel fuel filter strainer replaceme

AAC panel is detached

Honda Vezel fuel filter strainer repla


Honda Vezel fuel filter strainer repl


Remove the fuel filling cap to release any fuel vapor pressure, not doing so may cause overflow from the strainer assembly and cause fuel smell in cars interior while changing Honda Vezel Fuel filter

fuel filter straine

Always keep a portable fire extinguisher nearby, safety is the first thing to go for when repairing the fuel systems and start removing the center console. First detach the Gear knob and remove the trim along with it.

Honda Vezel fuel filter strainer rep


Honda Vezel fuel filter strainer replacement


fuel filter strainer


Honda Vezel fuel fil


Honda Vezel fuel fi


Honda Vezel fuel filter strainer r


fuel filter strain


Once you have removed all the necessary trims, look for the fuel filter and strainer assembly that is holding the filter assembly in place. Rotate the snap lock ring and remove the Fuel filter completely. Look for any damages, blockages or any anomaly if P0139 Code is present.


Honda Vezel fuel filter stra


fuel filter


Honda Vezel fuel filter


Honda Vezel fuel filter str


Align the marks of the new fuel filter strainer assembly carefully

fuel filter s

Honda vezel fuel filte


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To check the video for the whole event click on the following YouTube channel.

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