Honda Fit Hybrid / Spike / Freed Hybrid Fan clean
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Honda Fit Hybrid / Spike / Freed Hybrid Fan clean

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Honda fit Hybrid and Honda Spyke have almost same hybrid system installed and the only disadvantage this car has is that its DC-DC converter is also placed at the rear battery pack which heats up quickly and if by any chance the battery cooling fan is faulty or choked the car will cause many problems like loss of power or completely stop altogether. You may experience a decline in AC system before complete failure of the hybrid battery system.

Key components of Honda Hybrid vehicles

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Battery ECU
  • Contactor
  • Battery Wiring module
  • Cooling Fan motor
  • DC – DC converter
freed hybrid

Lithium Ion Battery pack (Honda Spike / Freed)

freed hybrid

Cooling Duct (Honda Spike / Freed)

freed hybrid

PCU (Power Control Unit) Honda Spike / Freed

Cooling Fan of Honda Hybrid

freed hybrid

Cooling Fan (Honda Spike / Freed)

freed hybrid

Cooling Fan (Honda Spike / Freed)

Honda Fit Battery pack

freed hybrid

Honda Fit Battery Pack

On-site Maintenance

freed hybrid

Honda Fit Services on-site

Honda power unit teardown

The IPU above is contained in a white translucent plastic case. The IPU weighs around 42kg. Extreme precaution is advised as it has DC voltage which can be fatal.
The red arrow points to the inverter. The DC-DC converter is behind the inverter. The rear seats getting heated is just because of this, it is recommended to use Air Con all the time in summers.

The blue arrow shows the lithium-ion battery pack. The green arrow shows the service plug.

Types of batteries

The Toyota Aqua uses the nickel metal hydride battery pack placed under the rear seat and the PCU (which integrates the inverter, DC-DC converter and the booster converter) over the transaxle / transmission in the engine compartment.

The Honda Fit Hybrid uses the lithium-ion battery pack and the PCU (inverter and the DC-DC converter) side by side under the trunk. The battery pack and the PCU are separated from each other by foamed styrol.
The yellow arrow points to the IPU cooling fan, and the white arrow to the outlet duct. Air taken from the inlet duct flows through the lithium-ion battery pack, the PCU, and the cooling fan before it goes out from the outlet duct.

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Hybrid system service

Our hybrid battery fan service includes:
• Removing all panels necessary to access HV battery fan.
• Cleaning hybrid battery fan or duct assembly, Scan and Reset of controller

Time(Takes about 2 hours)

Complete Removal of all parts and servicing each and every part , tear down of Power unit (Honda Vehicles only)  (Time 05 Hrs)

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Call at 0331-2227989 to make your appointment for service of any vehicle, we offer on-site service of any vehicle by our highly equipped and trained staff at customers premises.

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