Toyota Hybrid car battery is designed and engineered to last. The average life span of hybrid car battery is 160,000km to 200,000km based on the type of services performed. The hybrid batteries can have poor electrical connections at terminals and dust ingress in cooling system. This can cause early death to the cells of the hybrid batteries. The batteries have also shown better life in areas that don’t have extreme cold or extreme hot weathers.

We have hybrid batteries with following options

As good as new battery packs with 99% life remaining, Japan Import
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How long do hybrid batteries last?

This depends on your driving conditions and whether your vehicle has been regularly serviced. If the conventional engine on your hybrid isn’t in good condition, it will add strain to the battery and cause its cells to deteriorate so affecting its life. This will result in you using your conventional engine more to keep it charged.

Having a Toyota Hybrid Electric Service will extend the life on your hybrid battery.


Vezel battery pack replacement

Honda Vezel, Fit and Honda Freed uses Li ion batteries for its vehicles.

Prius Battery pack replacement

Toyota Prius and Lexus use Nimh as well as Li ion battery packs


Toyota Aqua battery pack replacement

Toyota Aqua NHP10 uses boost charge and discharge technology and requires earlier replacement of its traction batteries. Complete battery packs are available

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