Mitsubishi Pajero by MMC

Mitsubishi Pajero by MMC

Second GDI-Powered Vehicle from MMC

Significant Improvements in the New Mitsubishi PAJERO

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has unveiled the next generation of its famous PAJERO (MONTERO or SHOGUN in various regions) vehicle. The PAJERO has set the standard for sophisticated technology. PAJERO has been exported to 151 countries and has a strong following all around the world. The new PAJERO is now available in Japan.

Mitsubishi PAJERO

Mitsubishi Motors is now delighted to present the newest PAJERO series, which incorporates the most cutting-edge Mitsubishi automotive technology. Powered by eco-friendly, high-efficiency technology. Engine: V6 3.5-liter *1GDI (*2 a global first) The new PAJERO car is equipped with an INVECS-II engine and a Sport Mode 5-speed automated transmission, resulting in low fuel economy and great performance. New interior and exterior accessories, including beautifully designed integrated blister fenders, and an increased safety standard to match the higher performance. The engine is also known for having poor idle and dies down. On of the reasons for engine idling issues is poor fuel and a bad Gdi pump. In Pakistan GDI  are not very popular due to availability of contaminated fuel.

Significantly Improved Performance

1. World’s First Eco-Friendly V6 3.5-liter GDI Engine

The new Mitsubishi PAJERO is powered by Mitsubishi’s innovative GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine, which is the first V6 3.5-liter version. The next-generation GDI engine has been designed keeping the driver and the environment in mind, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, return diesel-beating mileage, and give more power than a port-injection power unit.

V6 3.5-liter GDI V6 3.5-liter MPI
Max. output (PS/rpm) 245 / 5500 230 / 5500
Max. torque (kg.m/rpm) 35.0 / 2500 33.0 / 2500

2. Other engines

The 4M40 2.8-liter intercooler/turbocharger diesel engine, which is known for its clean combustion and strong power production, now has improved responsiveness and a variety of additional characteristics. The new PAJERO car models are powered by a 6G72 V6 24-valve 3-liter gasoline engine with a new high-precision electronic fuel injection system that boosts power to 185PS, ensuring that all user demands are met.

Engine specifications

Gasoline Diesel
Model V6 3500 GDI V6 3000 2400 16-valve 2800 I/T
Type 6G74 6G72 4G64 4M40
Valve configuration DOHC V6 OHC V6  in-line 4 OHC OHC in-line 4
Bore x stroke (mm) 93.0 x 85.8 91.1 x 76.0 86.5 x 100.0 95.0 x 100.0
Displacement (cc) 3496 2972 2350 2835
Compression ratio 10.4 8.0 9.5 21.0
Max. output (PS/rpm) (JIS) 245 / 5500 185 / 5500 145 / 5500 140 / 4000
Max. torque (kg.m/rpm) (JIS) 35.0 / 2500 27.0 / 4500 21.0 / 2750 32.0 / 2000
Fuel supply Direct injection into cylinder  Port injection electronic Electronic port injection Electronic injection pump



Mitsubishi Pajero New-look Interior and Exterior Trim

1. Interior

The interior is more upscale thanks to wood-grain paneling in the dashboard and a steering wheel with a wood rim. Metal Top Wide ZR-S, Mid-roof Wide SUPER EXCEED, and EXCEED models come standard. The new-look door trim design has a bigger area covered in seat upholstery material, giving the interior a more classy, open, and airy appearance.

2. Exterior

A wide-look grille design; styled garnish that provides the front view aggressiveness, more dashing aspect; and multi-parabola double-lens combo lights are among the new stylistic features. Front and rear sculpted “blister” fenders replace the previous series’ moldings. These over-fenders have a strong, savage aspect thanks to their muscular, athletic design.

3. Equipment and Fittings

The Mid-roof Wide SUPER EXCEED comes standard with the MMCS (Mitsubishi Multi-Communication System), which shows a range of navigation and other facts and information.
A multi-mode keyless entry system allows the driver to manage the power windows, fold back or deploy the external mirrors, and activate the door locks from outside the car.
The convenience specification includes a bigger capacity floor console with a two-deck structure and push-operated cup holders, which are standard on all versions.
The inclusion of help grips for rear seat passengers, as well as the driver and front seat passenger, improves entry and exit on all models.
The CD changer is installed under the front passenger seat , enabling more effective use to be made of the cargo space.

4. Safety specification

SRS airbags for the driver and front seat passenger are standard on all models.
All versions come equipped with Mitsubishi’s Multi-mode anti-lock braking system, which maintains a steady body posture and allows the driver to maintain directional control in all road conditions, regardless of whether the vehicle is in 4WD or 2WD mode.
An anti-jamming sensor is standard on all power-window models for increased safety when operating the windows.
ELR/ALR changeover switches are installed in the second-row rear seats of long-body models and the rear seats of short-body models, allowing child safety seats to be placed more securely.

5. Prices that are quite competitive

The new PAJERO models are provided at highly competitive rates, despite the GDI engine, INVECS-II with Sport Mode A/T, new-look interior and exterior trim, and considerable upgrades in equipment and safety requirements.

New Mitsubishi PAJERO Specification


Mitsubishi E-KV25W




Wide body, metal top




V6 3500 GDI

Drive train

Super Select 4WD


INVECS -II with Sport Mode 5-speed A/T


Dimensions & weights

Overall length (mm) 4060
Overall width (mm) 1785
Overall height (mm) 1890
Wheelbase (mm) 2420
Track (mm): Front 1465
Rear 1480
Interior length (mm) 1685
Interior width (mm) 1410
Interior height (mm) 1210
Min ground clearance (mm) 205
Vehicle weight (kg) 1900
Passengers 5
Kerb weight (kg) 2175


Minimum turning radius (m)


Fuel consumption (km/l) (JIS) 10-15 mode


60km/h mode


Running gear


Boll & nut (power assisted)

Suspension Front

Double wishbone with torsion springs


3-link with coil springs

Brakes Front

Ventilated disc (twin caliper pot)


Disc with drum-in-disc parking brake


265 / 70R15


V6 3500 GDI DOHC 24-valve gasoline


6G74 (GDI)

Valve train / no. cylinders

DOHC 4-valve / V6

Bore x stroke (mm)

93.0 x 85.8

Displacement (cc)


Compression ratio


Max. output (PS/rpm) (JIS)

245 / 5500

Max. torque (kg-m/rpm) (JIS)

35.0 / 2500

Fuel delivery

Direct injection into cylinders

Fuel tank capacity (liters)

75 (unleaded)


INVECS-II with Sport Mode 5-speed automatic transmission

Ratios 1st












Transfer type

2-speed, 4-position

Transfer ratios High




Final reduction gear


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