P0301 Code Cylinder 1 Misfire Detection
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P0301 Code Cylinder 1 Misfire Detection

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0301 shows that Cylinder number 1 experiencing  misfire.

Meaning and Cause of P0301 Code

P0301 is OBD-II trouble code for Random/Multiple Cylinder Detected. The code P0301 shows that Cylinder number 1 experiencing  misfire. If there is not enough fuel burn in a cylinder, it causes a misfire. Fuel combustion is what produces the energy to power the engine, so effective fuel combustion is critical to engine operation. A misfire of one or more cylinders may caused by a variety of factors, including a malfunctioning ignition system, failure of internal motor or fuel system.

When this code appears, it should repaired right away because long-term driving with engine misfires will cause serious engine harm. P0301 is often caused by worn spark plugs, spark plug cords, or a defective ignition coil.

P0301 Honda

A popular error on Honda vehicles that may show up if the coil packs of your car are at an end. Replace the bad coils or the complete set and check with an ohm meter before installation. P0351 is code for no 1 coil circuit malfunction.

p0301 p0300 code


P0301 should fixed right away and ignoring this mistake may result in ignition loss, damage to the catalytic converter, and unsafe/dangerous driving conditions.

OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Codes List

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