P0A80 Prius Code Means Replace Hybrid Battery Pack
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P0A80 Prius Code Means Replace Hybrid Battery Pack

Toyota Prius P0A80 Code

P0a80 Prius code is a generic powertrain diagnostic trouble code (DTC) typically applies to hybrid cars from Toyota Prius, Camry, Lexus, Hyundai etc. When this code triggers it means that there is some problem in the hybrid vehicle battery management system (HVBMS) and so forth a weak cell failure has occurred in the hybrid battery pack.

Hybrid cars take advantage of nickel metal-hydride battery packs. A pack has blocks of batteries wired together via sections of  cables or connectors. A typical battery comprises eight (1.2-volt) cells in series. To make up the typical HV battery pack it requires up to 28 modules.

What is HVBMS ?

The HVBMS (Hybrid vehicle battery management system) whose malfunctioning triggers P0a80 Prius code regulates the charging level. it also monitors the battery pack state. Individual cell resistance, battery voltage, and battery temperature are all aspects that are considered by the HVBMS and PCM. The charging level and battery pack condition is tested.

The battery pack also comprises multiple ammeter and temperature sensors. In fact in many cases, each battery cell comprises an ammeter/temperature sensor. This provides HVBMS with the data which compares individual voltage signals to figure if inconsistencies are there and reacts accordingly.

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The HVBMS also sends the PCM with data, via the controller area network (CAN). When it provides the PCM with an input signal which reflects inconsistent battery or cell temperature and/or voltage (resistance) then consider P0a80 Prius code generation and a malfunction indicator may be illuminated.

A loose or corroded commotion can cause this malfunction. This commonly occurs in vehicles that remain parked. The safe solutions is to rectify a defective HV battery pack and replacement with a factory part.

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