Pre-Purchase Inspection for Premium Cars, Hybrids and SUV

Pre-Purchase Inspection for Premium Cars, Hybrids and SUV

What is Uni-body vs Body on Frame design

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Service

For Pre-Purchase Car Inspection of both Uni-body and ladder frame vehicles, our teams are well equipped. A typical 4×4 is almost every time a body on frame design that brings it under the truck category. The only exceptions would be the BMW X3, X5, some Mercedes and few Japanese vehicles such as Mitsubishi Pajero Gen III.

The expertise required for performing inspections on 4×4 are different. Because these cars hide a lot of beating and abuse done on them. It requires great experience to inspect the motors properly. They are also referred as SUV or sports utility vehicles in International market. These vehicles are popular in touring, visits to remote areas and towing Caravans. Toyota Land cruisers, Prado, Colorado, FJ Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, Montero and Hilux vehicles are famous for rallies and excursions.

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What is a crossover vehicle ?

This type is in high demand because they are actually uni-body vehicles with high beds having AWD or sometimes a 4×4 option with manual select. This type is certainly not an SUV as the main feature of these cars is light duty work and giving better fuel consumption to the owners. For car inspection service, give us a call and book a time.

A pre-purchase car inspection can be done by automotive technician who understands the vehicle you are purchasing. is familiar with the process. In addition to the traditional automotive shops, we can be reached at our number and we will perform the car inspection at the showroom or the home of the seller for the buyer.

Some popular Crossovers

car inspection service

Honda BRV


car inspection service

Honda Vezel

car inspection service

Lexus Harrier

Call at 0331-2227989 to make your appointment for pre-purchase car inspection service of any vehicle from best auto workshop in Islamabad, we offer on-site service of any vehicle by our highly equipped and trained staff at customers premises.

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