Car Inspection or Pre-Purchase Inspection Service
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Car Inspection or Pre-Purchase Inspection Service

A car inspection, also known as a pre-purchase inspection, is a vital process that involves a comprehensive assessment of a vehicle’s condition before a potential buyer commits to purchasing it. This meticulous examination is conducted by professional mechanics or automotive experts who thoroughly inspect various aspects of the car, including its mechanical components, electrical systems, body and frame, interior, and overall functionality. The aim of a car inspection is to uncover any hidden issues, defects, or potential problems that might not be apparent to an ordinary buyer. By obtaining a detailed and unbiased evaluation, individuals seeking to buy a used car can make informed decisions, negotiate confidently, and ensure that the chosen vehicle meets safety, performance, and reliability standards. Ultimately, a car inspection provides valuable insights that empower buyers to make a wise investment and enjoy a satisfying driving experience in the long run. We are currently providing this service at our garage in Islamabad. For a comprehensive inspection service while purchasing a jeep, land cruiser Prado do visit us and get a comprehensive advice and gain buyer confidence. Our team is also trained on inspection of hybrid and EV vehicles. We will highlight any critical issue and advice accordingly.

Considering purchasing a used or brand new vehicle? Here are some helpful tips

Considering purchasing a used or new car? The staff at would like to provide some advice. It is still feasible to find a nice used vehicle. However, one typical blunder is to let a vehicle’s “low odometer reading” to cloud your judgement. Other physical indications should be check first.

Car Inspection Service

  1. Hoist the car up and check the under carriage and suspension parts. A well-traveled under carriage and suspension parts is significantly different from a low-use one.
  2. Look for signs of leakage as well as signs of repair. Specially costly repairs.
  3. Examine the brake disc rotor and brake pad for signs of wear. Hybrid cars have a regenerative braking system, therefore if a vehicle is being examined and the brakes are highly worn, it is most likely due to a high mileage.Car Inspection Service
  4. Deeply inspect the brake/clutch reservoir. Flushing will not disguise badly maintained high mileage automobiles, we look for odd deposits.
  5. Look for a car that is fundamentally solid, as painting repair on dented bodywork is still acceptable. A good structure is recommended. Light repairs are generally considered OK.
  6. Perform a full system software diagnostic and extract all system data, including hybrid system and battery pack state, and compare the data from a healthy automobile. (A car with a 70,000 km odometer reading had the driving log file taken out from the ECU with the agreement of the car owner; it was a shock to many when it read 400,000 km plus plus.)
  7. Look for minute details during a general visual assessment of high-touch areas.
  8. Examine the engine compartment; there are several variations between low and high-use cars, ranging from noise levels to component arrangement. An expert eye cannot miss this.
  9. Check for abnormal noise on all operating components while the engine is in maintenance mode for an HV vehicle.
  10. Examine the condition of the windscreen, door glass, headlights, and any lighting lenses, which are sometimes ignored.
  11. Check the alignment of the body panels for any gaps.
  12. Finally, take a thorough test drive to get a feel for the vehicle. A worn-out car has a distinct sound than a car that hasn’t been used much. Driving at different speed and noting the smoothness of the gearbox shifts, as well as the noise level in the automobile. Usually a well kept high mileage car is not bad to consider.
  13. Drive slowly on a gravel surface to listen for unusual noises coming from the undercarriage, such as steering and suspension components.
  14. If you’re still not sure, we may conduct a neutral pre- and post-purchase car inspection review for Hybrid Vehicles. Have confidence in your purchase, and safe driving!

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Why the odometer reading should not be your only consideration when purchasing a used vehicle

An owner of a recently bought pre-owned vehicle desired to get service. The mileage on the vehicle was close to 35k. When he got his service booklet out, he was surprised to see that the latest service reported a year ago was 137k+.

Why you shouldn’t base your decision just on the odometer reading

The meter reading has traditionally served as a means of assessing a car purchase. The inaccurate odometer reading mentioned above makes it difficult for the repair shop to explain why the pre-owned car was not functioning as it should. Maintenance schedules from vehicle manufacturers are based on real mileage. However, the defects that emerge are not always consistent with the reading display.

Understanding a seller’s mind

Sellers want to maximize the worth of their automobiles and obtain the greatest price possible.
They would try to make the best overall impression on potential purchasers, thus appearances might be misleading.
Although being careful consumers, many people rely only on the low appealing odometer reading, despite knowing it was not a good idea.
Unless it is backed by a trustworthy service record and consistent with the vehicle condition, the low reading might have been due to a replacement of defective instrument or other causes.
Even if manufacturers have installed tampering proof measures, the odometer may be readily calibrated.
The seller can always replace the tyres, batteries, valet the car inside and out, and replace high-touch area wear and tear parts to make it seem newer.

How a water damaged vehicle looks like ?

We recommend to avail our car inspection service also termed as Pre-purchase inspection service to stay away from water damaged and repaired vehicles. Do not put your hard earned money in damaged vehicles.

car inspection

Is it beneficial to purchase a water damaged vehicle ?

It is to inform the buyers that during our visits to multiple showrooms and team visits for vehicle maintenance, we have found a huge number of completely damaged vehicles being imported from Japan. A lot of sellers are blaming the exporters and the transit conditions for vehicle damage, which is not entirely true. High profit margins are the main reason for such imports. We advise our customers to avoid such cars as they will create problems time to time because of the damage incurred on them.

Some people are sensitive to dust, allergens and pollen. It is strongly advise to completely avoid travelling in such cars. These cars are rebuilt and clean of sludge in back alleys and hidden workshops. Ultimately they are polished, waxed and parked at showrooms and houses for a quick sell. A car inspection service is the best bet to save yourself from buying a water dipped car.

Why car inspection ?

Dashboard of Toyota Prius

By looking at the dashboard and instrument cluster of the Toyota Prius ZVW30, you can imagine the level of dirt and damage this may have caused to the vehicle. Now that Pakistan has become a dumping ground for highly damaged vehicles. We recommend a car inspection service to avoid wasting time on such cars. These cars can have safety issues such as non-deployment of Air Bags in an emergency.

water damaged car

Water Damaged cars website

The following link has a number of water damaged cars. Again, please stay away from such buys.

Japan Auction website 

Complex electronics of Prius and Aqua

The new hybrid cars are very complex and full of electronics and flood water damages them completely. Hydro locking means that the engine and transmission have remain submerged in water for a long time. Later on when the vehicle extensively clean, rust, mildew and mold will start building up causing severe allergic and health problems.

car inspection service

Suspension components such as Shocks / dampers, rubber bushings, bearings, brake components and linings will wear out in few days.

The parts of this water dipped Aqua are full of rust and mildew. It will aggravate as time passes. Please note that during our car inspection or Pre-Purchase Inspection service we go through some strict checks to ascertain the water damage and clearly warn / caution our customers not to buy such vehicles at all. Be smart and do not let the cars good looks fool you.

vehicle inspection

car inspection

 Completely destroyed PRIUS ZVW30

water damaged vehicle

Toyota CHR water damaged

Toyota Hilux Pre-Purchase Inspection Service

Diesel Vehicle Inspection

Mercedes Inspection Service

Our team has necessary software and training to inspect Mercedes Vehicles.

Honda Vezel RV5 Hybrid Inspection Service HEV

RV5Contact us

Call at 0303-2227989 or 0331-2227989 to make your appointment for car inspection service or Pre-purchase inspection of any hybrid vehicle, we offer on-site service of any Hybrid vehicle by our highly equipped and trained staff at customers premises.

Service Coverage Area is Islamabad and Rawalpindi only.

For car inspection of most hybrid and EV vehicles please click here.

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