Car inspection or Pre-Purchase Inspection service

Car inspection or Pre-Purchase Inspection service

How a water damaged vehicle looks like ?

We recommend to avail our car inspection service also termed as Pre-purchase inspection service to stay away from water damaged and repaired vehicles. Do not put your hard earned money in damaged vehicles.

water damaged vehic

Is it beneficial to purchase a water damaged vehicle ?

It is to inform the buyers that during our visits to multiple showrooms and team visits for vehicle maintenance, we have found a huge number of completely damaged vehicles being imported from Japan. A lot of sellers are blaming the exporters and the transit conditions for vehicle damage, which is not entirely true. High profit margins are the main reason for such imports. We advise our customers to avoid such cars as they will create problems time to time because of the damage incurred on them.

Some people are sensitive to dust, allergens and pollen. It is strongly advised to completely avoid travelling in such cars. These cars are rebuilt and cleaned of sludge in back alleys and hidden workshops. Ultimately they are polished, waxed and parked at showrooms and houses for a quick sell. A car inspection service is the best bet to save yourself from buying a water dipped car.

Why car inspection ?

Dashboard of Toyota Prius

By looking at the dashboard and instrument cluster of the Toyota Prius ZVW30, you can imagine the level of dirt and damage this may have caused to the vehicle. Now that Pakistan has become a dumping ground for highly damaged vehicles. We recommend a car inspection service to avoid wasting time on such cars. These cars can have safety issues such as non-deployment of Air Bags in an emergency.

water damaged veh

Water Damaged cars website

The following link has a number of water damaged cars. Again, please stay away from such buys.

Japan Auction website 

Complex electronics of Prius and Aqua

The new hybrid cars are very complex and full of electronics and flood water damages them completely. Hydro locking means that the engine and transmission have remain submerged in water for a long time. Later on when the vehicle has been extensively cleaned, rust ,mildew and mold will start building up causing severe allergic and health problems.

water damaged vehii

Suspension components such as Shocks / dampers, rubber bushings, bearings, brake components and linings will wear out in few days.

The parts of this water dipped Aqua are full of rust and mildew. It will aggravate as time passes. Please note that during our car inspection or Pre-Purchase Inspection service we go through some strict checks to ascertain the water damage and clearly warn / caution our customers not to buy such vehicles at all. Be smart and do not let the cars good looks fool you.

water damaged vv

water damaged v

 Completely destroyed PRIUS ZVW30

water damaged vehicle




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