Firmware Upgrade for Honda

All remaps presented here have been checked by pro-tuners and car owners were satisfied with the results.

Remap for Honda Accord 2.4ATRemap for Honda Accord 2.4ATRemap for Honda Accord 2008 2.4AT
190HP Matsushita SH7055 37820-RBB-E570 37850-RCA-A100 ST1 E2Keihin SH7058 37805-RL6-R630 37805-RL6-R640 ST1 E2Keihin SH7058 37820-RL6-R510_37805-RL6-R520 ST1_E2
Remap for Honda Civic 1.8Remap for Honda Civic 1.8 KeihinRemap for Honda Civic 2009 1.8AT Keihin
37805-RSA-G340 Keihin SH7058 ST1 E2 EGR off RPM limit-750037805-RNH-R530 ST1+ E2 EGR off RPM limit-7500SH7058 37805-RNH-R530 ST1 E2
Remap for Honda CR-V III 2.2i DTECRemap for Honda CRV 2.0RRemap for Honda CRV 2.2CDTIRemap for Honda CRV 2.4ATRemap for Honda CRV 2.4iRemap for Honda CRV 2.4i
Keihin 37805-RZV-E010 37805-RZV-E020 ST1 E2150HP 37805-PNL-G720 Keihin SH7058 K-Line ST1 E2150HP EDC17CP16 37805-RFW-G530 1037505274 P837V071 ST1 DPF EGR off150HP Keihin MPC5566 37805-R5C-R620 37820R5CR620M1 ST1 E2Keihin SH7058 37805-RZE-R510 ST1Keihin SH7058 37805-RZE-R510 ST1 E2
Remap for Honda Airwave JDM 1.5
16V 110CV KEIHIN Oki_ML66Q592 37805-RLC-J750 37820-RLC-J75 ST1
Remap for Honda Crosstour 2013 2.4AT
190HP USA Keihin SH72543 SW 37805-5J0-R510 CVN 20761C80 ST1 E2
Remap for Honda Legend 3.5AT
Hitachi 37805-RJA-E510 ST1 E2 EGR off
Remap for Honda Ridgeline 3.5AT
Keihin SH7058 37805-RJE-A630 ST1 E2 EGR off
Remap for Honda StepWgn 2.0CVT
155HP Matsushita SH72543 37805-R0A-J410 37805-R0A-J420 ST1 speed limit
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