Rubberized Undercoating By 3M USA

Rubberized Undercoating By 3M USA

Most of the cars assembled in Pakistan have poor body finish. The cars literally have no protection coatings to slow down process of rust. Mostly the paint is very thin and soft and wear out in few high pressure washes. This causes the under side of car to get rusted at a very fast speed.

We recommend to have the non coated areas properly coated to reduce the cabin noise and protect your car from sewerage water, nitrates and rust causing elements. It is also abrasion resistant and saves the wheel wells from stone chips.

Attached are images for coating of a Toyota Corolla Altis Grande 2018.

Corolla Altis

Wheel Well before treatment

Wheel well before treatment

Wheel well after treatment

Floor before treatment

Floor after treatment

The rubberized coating can be applied to

  1. Non painted areas
  2. All undercarriage / suspension / floor boards and floors
  3. Inside body panels
  4. Wheel wells
  5. Trunks

For this service , call us at

0331-2227989 for an appointment or alternatively try our app for booking.

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We currently provide this service to all cars and jeeps within Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Prices start from Rs 11000/- for a brand new car and go up-to Rs 14,000/- for a car requiring extensive degreasing.

Time Req: 3 Hrs


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