Secondary Air injection system
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Secondary Air injection system

What is Secondary Air injection system and DTC P2440 in Toyota?

The Valve Stuck Open secondary air injection system is a secondary air pump error P2440 Toyota Landcruiser. This results in an open issue for the valve of the secondary air injection system.

However, This is very hard to fix this trouble code as mostly it involves the replacement of very expensive components like catalytic converters and vacuum switching valves.

What does the P2440 code mean?

The secondary air injection system is designed to pump fresh air into the system taking out the burnt gases of engine. This decreases the number of hazardous contaminants released by the engine combustion. The PCM is supplied with details about pressure and flow from the secondary air injection system. The PCM receives this information via a voltage signal.

Therefore, This diagnostic problematic code will be stored and Check Engine Light will come on when the secondary air injection system sends a voltage read to the PCM, which exceeds its manufacturer specification by at least ten (10) percent.

How is the P2440 code caused?

  • Valve for faulty air injection
  • Incorrect one-way valve search
  • Air pump fault for injection
  • Pressure sensor faulty
  • Pressure sensor wiring which is missing, shortened
  • Connecting pressure sensor damaged or corroded
  • Pressure monitor with bent pins connector
  • Incorrect vacuum valve
  • Vacuum valve switching wiring that is missing, shortened
  • Connector vacuum switching broken, burned, corrugated
  • Connector for vacuum switching with pins


Moreover, The secondary air injection system primarily reduces the harmful exhaust emissions by pumping fresh air into the exhaust system. A minor difference in the flow of air or the pressure of air will cause the ECM to give a P2440 fault error. Sometimes people straight away replace the expensive catalytic converter and the same error remains as the memory of ECM is permanent.

What are the secondary air pump error causes?

Some of the common problems associated with the P2440 Secondary air pump errors are:

  • Noisy engine
  • Engine turning off itself
  • Starting problem
  • Poor pickup

What is the Purpose of P2440 in TOYOTA?

The fundamental aim of air injection into catalyst is to speed up the catalytic heater phase in the cold start-up. The air valves provide the air for the exhaust system. By switching on and off, vacuum switching valves control airflow. The ECM closely controls both the air pump and the valves. All this is achieved by several pressure sensors, which complicates this system.

Diesel Engines with AdBlue problem are also adjusted by us. More can be read about Adblue by clicking here.

ECU adjustment

As a remedy, we scan the car completely and use our factory programmers to readjust the parameters related to SAP and VSV. You can contact us for a complete solution for this problem at our numbers. We recommend, that you share the complete model of your vehicle such as engine CC, engine code and model year of the 4×4.  We tune All diesel and petrol vehicles,  and can remap all engines with great results. Turbo engines show a remarkable difference in output when tuned according to the fuel available in Pakistan.

Common errors with the P2440 code diagnosis

In most cases, a single-way inspection valve causes the diagnostic code P2440. Testing them is also necessary to avoid misdiagnosis and replacement of multiple secondary air injection pumps. In replacing the secondary air injection pump, it is also necessary to install a drain tube in the pump, as failure to achieve this can cause numerous secondary air injection pump failures in the future.

How bad is the code P2440?

If ECM store the diagnostic trouble code P2440, whenever the vehicle stops, it becomes reluctant to accelerate. So, this is why the P2440 issue code is very critical and we should identify and fix it at the earliest opportunity.

What is addressed in the code P2440 for repairs?

Replace the valve for defective air injection

Replace defective one-way valve

Substitute the defective pressure sensor

Replace the damaged air pump

Replacement of  broken pressurized sensor cables.

Repair or replace the person sensor damaged or corroded

Remove the defective valve switch

Fix or repair vacuum switching cables frayed, split or shortened

Fix or substitute corroded vacuum connector

Repair or replace pins in the connector for vacuum switching

Additional remarks on the code P2440

Faulty one-way valves for evaluation of the P2440 trouble code sometimes are ignored. The common cause of this code is defective one-way control valves, so it is necessary to check them in order to avoid misdiagnosis. However, If we replace a secondary air injection pump and the defective one-way valves are not, it affects the other components of the secondary air injection system.

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