SAP off LC200 4.7 and 4.6 LTR
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SAP off LC200 4.7 and 4.6 LTR

What is SAP or Secondary Air Pump P2442?

SAP stands for Secondary Air Pump, and P2442 is an OBD-II diagnostic trouble code that indicates a malfunction in the Secondary Air Injection System. The Secondary Air Injection System is responsible for injecting air into the engine’s exhaust system to help reduce emissions during cold start-up. The system typically consists of an air pump, air diverter valve, and a set of hoses that connect them.

When the Secondary Air Injection System fails, it can cause increased emissions and poor engine performance. The P2442 code indicates that the system has detected a problem with the air pump, such as a failed pump motor or a clogged air filter.

The SAP secondary air injection system P2442 is to pump fresh air into the exhaust system. This process reduces harmful pollutants by the exhaust. The PCM receives information from the secondary air injection system regarding pressure and flow.

If the secondary air injection system sends a voltage signal reading to the PCM that exceeds the manufacturer’s specification then the vehicle simply goes into Limp or restrictive mode. This will cause poor performance and some people who mask this error Secondary Air Pump P2442 will still perform poorly.

In Japan, the Land Cruiser had an update in 2009 when it received the 4.6 L V8 1UR-FE engine, and the gearbox was replaced with a 6-speed automatic. The new 4608 cc 1UR-FE is smaller than the old 4663 cc 2UZ-FE engine. The power is increased by 234kw from 212 kW ( 314 hp to 284 ). The torque increase is almost from 448 to 460 N⋅m (330 to 339 lb-ft). The fuel consumption is improved to 7.1 from 6.5 km/L.

Starting in 2011 (362 hp) 3UR-FE engine was offered alongside the previous engines. For 2012, the 1GR-FE gained dual VVT-i and power was increased to 202 kW ( 271 hp). The 4.7 L 2UZ-FE was dropped in favor of the new 227 kW (304 hp) 4.6 L 1UR-FE, and the 5.7 L and 4.5 L diesel were unchanged.

Common Error codes related to Secondary Air Pumps are



What causes the P2440 code?

Faulty air injection valve
Faulty one-way check valve
Air injection pump poor performance
Pressure sensor problem
Damaged or corroded Pressure sensor connector
Pressure sensor connector that has bent pins
The faulty vacuum switching valve

What are the symptoms of the P2440 code?

Check Engine Light is on
The secondary air injection system may be noisy
The engine may stall when idling
P2440 diagnostic trouble code stored in the PCM

How serious is the P2440 code?

The P2440 diagnostic trouble code (DTC) refers to a problem with the secondary air injection system in a vehicle. The severity of the code can vary depending on the specific make and model of the vehicle, as well as the extent of the issue. The P2440 code is not considered to be a serious issue that will cause immediate harm to the vehicle or its occupants. However, it can lead to decreased performance, increased emissions, and potential damage to other components if left unaddressed.

If you receive a P2440 code, it is recommended to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible to determine the underlying cause and prevent further damage.



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