AdBlue SAP & P0420 Permanent Solution

What is AdBlue SAP and P0420 code?

AdBlue is a trademarked name for a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) used in certain diesel engines. It is a solution made from urea and deionized water that is injected into the exhaust stream of diesel engines to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. AdBlue is commonly used in European diesel cars, trucks, and buses that meet the Euro 4, Euro 5, and Euro 6 emissions standards. SAP stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, which is used in diesel engines to reduce NOx emissions. The SAP system injects AdBlue into the exhaust stream, where it reacts with the NOx in the presence of a catalyst to form harmless nitrogen and water.

P0420 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that indicates a problem with the catalytic converter in a gasoline engine. It can also be triggered in diesel engines with SAP systems if there is a malfunction in the system or if the AdBlue fluid level is low. The P0420 code indicates that the catalytic converter is not performing efficiently, which can result in increased emissions and reduced fuel economy.

Adblue SAP & P0420 Permanent Solution

If you have a diesel engine with a SAP system and are experiencing a P0420 code, it is important to have the system inspected by a qualified mechanic. The AdBlue fluid level should be checked and the system should be checked for malfunctions. If the catalytic converter needs to be replaced, it is important to use a high-quality replacement part to ensure proper performance and emissions compliance.

AdBlue is becoming more and more common on diesel cars. So, what happens if you run out of it in Pakistan. As our fuels are very unfriendly for EURO5 and EURO6 compliant vehicles. The chances are that your car will turn off itself due to excessive choking of DPF. Feel free to call us for a permanent fix for all Nissan Navara, Honda, Toyota and many other makes of cars and jeeps. We can even reprogram your Isuzu, Hino, Renault, IVECO, MANN and Mercedes truck to work efficiently on Pakistani fuel.

AdBlue SAP & P0420

Adblue Fluid is available at our outlet for all makes and models such as Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger etc. BMW and Mercedes with Euro6 Adblue fluid is also available along with Adblue fluid for Toyota Landcruiser Diesel Prado. Please call us for Nationwide delivery options.

We also reprogram Adblue SAP i.e Secondary air injection pump for Landcruiser V8. P0420 fix for all makes and models is also available with no loss in power. High altitude, Desert Remaps are also available for rally vehicles.

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