P0A80 Hybrid System Inspection

Toyota P0A80

The trend of Hybrid vehicles these days has pushed almost every car manufacturer to design and market hybrid cars. This P0A80 Hybrid system inspection service is good for any hybrid vehicle to keep a watchful eye on hybrid batteries, gearbox and electronic system malfunctions. Toyota being pioneer in selling the max no of vehicles to date having hybrid system. Hybrid cars have ability to run on both engine and battery. Toyota Prius is a hybrid, for example, that operates on both gas as well as battery. Now just like a normal car, hybrid vehicles also can get errors and problems in its system. Hybrid System warning light scans and multiplexes all the errors on the odomoeter of the car.

Hybrid System Inspection

If the reset doesn’t work, have the car scanned for P0A80 Hybrid system inspection codes that will help identify any problems. You may or may not be able to use the car in this state, depending on the severity of the problem. Check the fuses (orange jumper) if you get a chance as a blown one could cause issues with your hybrid system. Mainly, remember to check the fuse for the hybrid battery itself. This high amperage fuse is commonly integrated into the hybrid battery service disconnect. The service disconnect unplugs the high voltage battery from the rest of the car so that repairs can be performed safely. Your owner’s manual should have more information on where to locate the service disconnect to inspect the fuse. If a fuse is the cause of the issue, once you have it replaced, the light should go out immediately.

If the triangle light comes on while driving, you can shut off the car for few minutes. Sometimes, this reset will cause the computer to recheck everything and can turn off the light.

Most automakers include a warning light to let the driver know of any problems with the hybrid system. Hybrid drive systems are complex, so the light can come on for a variety of reasons.

Know what is going wrong with your hybrid system to save from expensive repairs in future. Get the vehicle scanned by our state of art electronic tools and learned professionals.

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