General description VSS or Vehicle speed sensor gives the onboard computer information about the vehicle speed. The sensor operates on the principle of the Hall Effect and is usually mounted on the tachometer or in the gearbox. Appearance typical vehicle speed sensors. Used types of sensors Speed sensors based on the Hall effect Speed sensors

  • P0420 and P0430

    P0420 and P0430

    Catalytic Converter Cleaning P0420 P0430 Catalytics have an active element inside the housing which neutralizes the harmful hydrocarbons and gases which can cause damage to atmosphere, the element requires a complete replacement after few years of use. Since the catalytic’s are very expensive in Pakistan and our fuels, maintenance standards cause early choking on the

  • Brake Service right at your home

    Brake Service right at your home

    Brake system The most important safety feature in a car is its brakes, the brakes are controlled by the master cylinder, slave cylinders, brake bias valve and finally brake pads and brake shoes. Why brake service is important ?  It is very important to have the brakes rightly balanced so that they wear out evenly

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