• Brake Service right at your home

    Brake Service right at your home

    Brake system The most important safety feature in a car is its brakes, the brakes are controlled by the master cylinder, slave cylinders, brake bias valve and finally brake pads and brake shoes. Why brake service is important ?  It is very important to have the brakes rightly balanced so that they wear out evenly

  • Fuel Filter

    Fuel Filter

    Fuel Filter It is placed in the fuel line to take out rust, dirt particles from the petrol pumped into the engine. Nowadays all cars are coming with an in-tank fuel pump and filter assembly and plays a very vital role in maintaining the right pressure for the injectors. The image attached is of a

  • Catalytic Converters of All vehicles

    Catalytic Converters of All vehicles

    Catalytic Converters  If your Catalytic is damaged, broken or choked beyond repair than contact us @ 0331-2227989 and get a quote on a catalytic converter P0420 check engine light permanent solution. Please note that we increase the oxygen sensors reading tolerance so that car performs better even on bad fuel available in Pakistan. Also we

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