• Toyota Adblue

    Toyota Adblue

    What is Toyota Adblue ?  DENSO Introduced the common-rail diesel system primarily to bring down NOx levels and black diesel smoke with Adblue. The primary features of this system are Improved Fuel economy Noise Reduction High Power output The common-rail system meets the Step 3 (Euro3) stage of the European Emission regulations. With some minor

  • Timing Belts and Chains

    Timing Belts and Chains

    Camshaft and Crankshaft To synchronize the camshaft and crankshaft rotation a timing belt is used. It is also responsible for intake and exhaust strokes of the valves (as it drives the cam) and is the most important maintenance item in your car, however it is neglected in many vehicles. Its neglected on cars with reversed

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