• Nissan Note Engine Replacement
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    Nissan Note Engine Replacement

    The Nissan Note is based on the platform designed by the alliance of Renault and Nissan. It is sometimes referred as the V-platform. The same platform is used by the latest Renault Clio. This car has some variants for Japanese market as well. Because of the strictness by the European Union Nissan has further tuned

  • Nissan Note e-Power
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    Nissan Note e-Power

    The Nissan Note (Japanese: 日産・ノート, Nissan Nōto) was introduced in the market by Nissan in 2004. The vehicle didn’t gained much attention due to poor marketing and bad selling strategies. The Nissan Note e-Power is an innovative hybrid vehicle that combines the benefits of an electric motor with the convenience of a gasoline engine. It

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