• Honda Civic catalytic problem

    Honda Civic catalytic problem

    Blanking EGR Some technicians are blanking the EGR after removal of catalytic substrate. If you have any problem with fuel average on this model, do call us @ 0303-2227989 or 0331-2227989 and book a service. You can also book through our application on android store. Rawalpindi & Islamabad only https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fixmycar Poor fuel average Average Improvement

  • Toyota Prius C1259 and P0A0D Error

    Toyota Prius C1259 and P0A0D Error

    Highly skilled technicians C1259 P0A0D Fixmycar.pk has a trained Hybrid vehicles handling team, We are in service for last 03 years and specialize in home services for all make and models of cars. Our team received a call from a customer that a Toyota Prius is not starting or moving and after showing the car

  • Brake Service right at your home

    Brake Service right at your home

    Brake system The most important safety feature in a car is its brakes, the brakes are controlled by the master cylinder, slave cylinders, brake bias valve and finally brake pads and brake shoes. Why brake service is important ?  It is very important to have the brakes rightly balanced so that they wear out evenly

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