• Pre-Purchase Inspection service

    Pre-Purchase Inspection service

    How a water damaged vehicle looks like ? We recommend to avail our Pre-purchase inspection service to stay away from water damaged and repaired vehicles. Do not put your hard earned money in damaged vehicles. Is it beneficial to purchase a water damaged vehicle ? It is to inform the buyers that during our visits

  • Toyota CVTF TC / CVTF FE 08886-02105

    Toyota CVTF TC / CVTF FE 08886-02105

    TOYOTA CVTF-TC  and CVTF-FE / CONTINUOUS VARIABLE TRANSMISSION FLUID The Toyota CVTF TC / CVTF FE is a standard for almost all new variants Part no [08886-02105 ] General Specifications Model: 08886-02105 Shop Link  Manufactured by: Toyota / Japan Gearbox oil of the highest quality. For Toyota new model Improved fuel economy & Reduced emissions.

  • Toyota Prius C1259 and P0A0D Error

    Toyota Prius C1259 and P0A0D Error

    Highly skilled technicians C1259 P0A0D Fixmycar.pk has a trained Hybrid vehicles handling team, We are in service for last 03 years and specialize in home services for all make and models of cars. Our team received a call from a customer that a Toyota Prius is not starting or moving and after showing the car

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