• Secondary Air injection system

    Secondary Air injection system

    What is Secondary Air injection system and DTC P2440 in Toyota? The Valve Stuck Open secondary air injection system is a secondary air pump error P2440 Toyota Landcruiser. This results in an open issue for the valve of the secondary air injection system. However, This is very hard to fix this trouble code as mostly

  • Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Remap 2UZ-FE

    Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Remap 2UZ-FE

    As always, fixmycar.pk tries its best to bring up the performance figures of Cars and jeeps. We are working on a Toyota Land-cruiser V8 2UZ-FE Remap which the user is claiming of having slow throttle response. In our testing we calculate the load figures vs the users requirement and he needed torque in mid level

  • P0420 and P0430

    P0420 and P0430

    Catalytic Converter Cleaning P0420 P0430 Catalytics have an active element inside the housing which neutralizes the harmful hydrocarbons and gases which can cause damage to atmosphere, the element requires a complete replacement after few years of use. Since the catalytic’s are very expensive in Pakistan and our fuels, maintenance standards cause early choking on the

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