Top 10 Car Myths You Shouldn’t Believe
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Top 10 Car Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

These common myths could actually be ruining your car.

Premium fuel would increase my car’s performance

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May be this gas is more expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s pure or more clean than the standard gas you fill up. This gas is used for specific cars that use less combustible gasoline with a different timing and ignition MAP. But it has little or may be no effect on your regular vehicle. If your vehicle requires premium fuel you can confirm it by reading manual. And if your car engine requires High Octane then you can use premium otherwise do not waste your money. Try to use premium fuel for local driving that doesn’t require any performance fuel.

All of my car tyres should be replaced at once

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This reasoning may seem rational, but it is not necessary. Just because one tyre needs to be changed does not necessitate paying out the cash for all four. You should be fine as long as the tyres are the same brand, model, and size. Infact it is better to have the defective tire changed as soon as possible for the safety of passengers.
Note: This only applies if the car does not have all-wheel drive. If it is an AWD car like Hyundai Tucson Htrac , Kia Sportage , Proton X70 or the MG (Morris Garages) then it is recommended to change tires on one axle, meaning both the rear ones or the front ones.

Driving my truck with the tailgate down saves fuel

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Some folks put this idea to the test and realized that with the tailgate down, the truck had more drag than with it up. They did discover, however, that replacing the tailgate with a mesh proved to be fuel-effective. It was almost as efficient as driving with no tailgate or driving with the hardcover top and the tailgate up. The saving is very minimal though and chances of loosing luggage is way more.

I should change my coolant fluid and air filters while changing oil

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Some mechanics and oil change service shops can advise you to replace these on every oil change but in all honesty, you might not need to do so. Every car is used differently and in different conditions. A change in oil does not necessitate the replacement of coolant fluid or air filters. Instead of being ripped off by changing these too often, consult your car’s owner’s manual to determine the correct timing for replacement.

Electric vehicle catch fire faster than normal vehicle

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That is not correct! Electric cars do not “pose a greater risk of fire than gasoline-powered vehicles,” according to a 2012 investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. All EV and Hybrid electric vehicles have a very sensitive electric shutoff system that breaks the circuit in event of moisture ingress. Although we recommend not to get the engines and trunks serviced with high pressure water as this can cause expensive damages to the EV and Hybrid battery system. Toyota Prius and Toyota Aqua are very popular cars in Pakistan and users need to be aware that they are running on high power electricity.

Every 3,000 miles, you must change your engine oil

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Without new oil, modern cars can travel up to 10,000 miles. So that’s right, you can put off getting new oil for a little longer. But as a rule of thumb, always use Genuine or OEM oil filter, a lot of people here are using Chinese or local brand oil filters and that is where the damage to the engine starts happening. An oil filter is kind of a strainer and provides optimum oil pressure to the internal combustion engine. Any kind of pressure loss or the dumping of oil contaminate in the internal will cause sludging and eventually kill the engine. Its like slow death.

After all, I don’t need to change my oil

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You sure do! While several people have attempted to show that cars do not need oil adjustments, this is a fallacy that may cause the engine to crash. Your dirty oil will avoid lubricating the engine and allow it to wear and malfunction if you do not refill it with fresh oil. Usually the high drain interval oils need to be changed within 1 Year and over the shelf Semi-synthetics with no wear protection are to be changed within 6 months. If you do not change them then sludging and varnishing of internal components start to happen.

Before driving in the cold, I need to warm up my car’s engine

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Warming up the engine before driving is no longer a legitimate practice. Allowing your car to idle is potentially dangerous to it. It increases the volume of fuel in the combustion chamber, which can cause damage to the cylinder walls. This cold idling will also build carbon around the valves. The oil would not dissolve without fuel. So it’s really best to wait just 30 seconds before driving because fuel will warm up your engine for you. Newer cars have a quick engine warmup double throw thermostat that will bring the temperature up in 5 minutes of use. After that you can use the engine in any kind of load requirements.

My car would be more efficient if I use jet fuel

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While this fuel seems to be more efficient than conventional petrol, it will not help your engine. This error was made by a gas station, which loaded vehicles with jet fuel, causing several cars to stall.

My car would catch fire if I use jet fuel

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This is the polar opposite of the previous statement, but it is also incorrect. Despite the fact that jet fuel is a known toxic substance. There is no chance of your vehicle catching fire if it is loaded with it. It would actually come to a halt.

All Above Myths Are About Your Car Maintenance

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