Toyota Adblue in Diesel Prado / Hiace

Toyota Adblue in Diesel Prado / Hiace

What is Toyota Adblue ?

Toyota AdBlue is a Euro6 emission standard which came into force around 2015. It,s urgent regulation caused lots of design issues. Toyota Adblue comes as a factory fitted system in all Hiace, Prado and Diesel engines.

Also known as DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Ad-blue in Toyota Prado is a solution of De-ionized water and high strength urea. It helps in speeding up the process of neutralizing any harmful exhaust gases. The dreaded ADBlue light in Toyota Prado 1GD-FTV can be rectified by contacting us.

How it Works ?

Adblue speeds up the chemical reaction which converts harmful diesel into ozone friendly water and nitrogen.

What happens if you run out of it ?

A lot of people think that engine will be damaged when you run out of AdBlue but it is not entirely true. The engine performance will be decreased a lot and it may put additional strain on transmission but because the engine will not shut down, the on board electronics will automatically limit engine performance when AdBlue supplies are depleted. If the engine has SCR technology, the vehicle will lose power and go into Limp mode to reduce its emissions according to legal standards.

Running vehicles on limp mode are not advisable and serious damage may occur.


Landcruiser Prado 1GD-FTV 2.8 Diesel Turbo


Landcruiser Prado came to us with following DTC,s



and P204C




On further checking the issue, the vehicle had 7 recalls in UK due to system fault. Problem area was a faulty SCR design. Engine is the newly introduced 1GD Revo engine, also known as Sigma 4. In Pakistan variant, Adblue is not present.




Computer firmware is now upgraded and DPF and Adblue system is removed from the system. specializes in all software upgrades for premium, 4×4 and hybrid vehicles. You can call us at 0331-2227989 for any inquiries.

Adblue is also available with us , ready stock.





Adblue and SAP are most common problems that come up in many SUV,s. Diesel exhaust fluid DEF, also known as AUS 32 and marketed as AdBlue is a liquid used to reduce the amount of air pollution created by a diesel engine. The technology is called selective catalytic reduction, or SCR. It involves injecting precise amounts of a Adblue liquid into the vehicle exhaust gases to produce a chemical reaction which neutralises harmful emissions.

Why is Adblue becoming common in Diesel vehicles ?

AdBlue is becoming more and more common on diesel cars. So, what happens if you run out of it in Pakistan. As our fuels are very unfriendly for EURO5 and EURO6 compliant vehicles. The chances are that your car will turn off itself due to excessive choking of DPF. Feel free to call us for a permanent fix for all Nissan Navara, Honda, Toyota and many other makes of cars and jeeps. We can even reprogram your Isuzu, Hino, Renault, IVECO, MANN and Mercedes truck to work efficiently on Pakistani fuel.

We also reprogram Adblue SAP i.e Secondary air injection pump for Landcruiser V8. P0420 fix for all makes and models is also available with no loss in power. High altitude, Desert Remaps are also available for rally vehicles.

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