Toyota ATF WS
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Toyota ATF WS

Toyota continues its commitment to performance and quality with its Toyota automatic transmission fluid WS. Specifically designed for Toyota vehicles, Toyota automatic transmission fluid WS helps ensure long life and smooth performance of the vehicle’s transmission. This cutting-edge formula offers greater protection from wear, improved shifting qualities, and exceptional anti-oxidation characteristics in various climatic conditions. Toyota carefully engineered this advanced solution to meet Toyota’s exact specifications in order to provide owners with optimal performance and maximum longevity of their Toyota vehicles.

Toyota ATF WS Auto Fluid 4Ltr

Part no 08886-02305

Material & Safety Data Sheet PDF

Toyota ATF PDF

General Specifications

  • Model: 08886-02305
  • Manufactured by: Toyota / Japan
  • Type: partially-synthetic
  • For Toyota new model
  • Improved fuel economy & reduced emissions.
  • Reduced oil waste through less frequent oil changes.
  • Improved resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge.
  • This oil is intended for automatic gearboxes.

Genuine automatic transmission fluid specially formulated by Toyota Corporation for vehicles having slip control transmissions which can lock up at low and medium speed. These are mostly 6-speed, sometimes 5-speed automatic transmissions and automatic trans-axles widely used by Toyota in large sedans, SUVs and hybrid models since 2005.

Application according to Transmission codes for Toyota ATF WS

Transmission Codes: A750H/F*, A760E, A761E/H, A960E, U151E/F**, U250E, U341E, U660E/F, P112, P310, Q211, L110

*For transmission type A750F mounted on Land Cruiser-100 built before August 2003, use Toyota ATF Type T-IV.

**For transmission types U151E/F built before August 2003, use Toyota ATF  Type T-IV.

Complete Model Application for Toyota ATF WS

Lexus LS: UVF45, UVF46, USF40, USF41, USF45, USF46.

S (Lexus): GWS191, URS190, UZS190, GRS191, GRS196

HS (Lexus): ANF10

IS (Lexus): GSE20, GSE21, GSE25, USE20

RX (Lexus): GYL15W, GYL16W, GGL10W, GGL15W, GGL16W

SC (Lexus): UZZ40

Alphard: GGH20W, GGH25W

Blade: GRE156H

Camry: ACV40, ACV45

Camry: ACV40, ACV45

Celsior: UCF30, UCF31 (2003.5–)

Century: GZG50 (2005.1–)

Crown: GWS204, GRS204, GRS202, GRS200, GRS203, GRS201, GRS184, GRS182, GRS180, GRS183, GRS181

Crown Majesta: UZS186, UZS187, URS206, UZS207

Estima: GSR55W, AHR20W

Harrier: GSU30W, GSU31W, GSU35W, GSU36W, MHU38W

Hilux Surf: GRN215W

Kluger: MHU28W

Land Cruiser-100 (2003.8–): UZJ100W, HDJ101K

Series 200: UZJ200W, URJ202W

Prado: GRJ120W, GRJ121W

Mark X: GRX120, GRX121, GRX125

Mark X Zio: GGA10

Prius: NHW30, ZVW30

Aqua and Prius C

Ractis: NCP105

Vanguard: GSA33W

Vellfire: GGH20W, GGH25W

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