Toyota Land Cruiser V8 2UZ-FE Remap
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Toyota Land Cruiser V8 2UZ-FE Remap

As always, tries its best to bring up the performance figures of Cars and jeeps. We are working on a Toyota Land-cruiser V8 2UZ-FE Remap which the user is claiming of having slow throttle response. In our testing we calculate the load figures vs the users requirement and he needed torque in mid level range. After loading the latest firmware in the ECM, overall performance of the 4.7 Ltr engine is improved.

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  • Turnkey System for SAP off
  • Rev limit Unlock
  • EURO2 EVAP off SAP off

The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 having 2UZ-FE is a 4.7L 90º V8, 32 valve DOHC gasoline engine built at Toyota’s engine plant in Tahara, Aichi prefecture in Japan.

Our customer likes to travel to Northern Pakistan, requiring better throttle response at high altitude. We tune the engine to perform best in the mid level. Toyota Land Cruiser V8 2UZ-FE 4.7 also has second stage catalytic converters, which can be removed for more gains.

Introduction of UZ series

In 1998 in the Toyota UZ series appeared and replaced the 1FZ-FE. In contrast to the 1UZ and 3UZ, 2UZ-FE engine used cast iron cylinder block. It increased its reliability and durability. At the same time diameter of cylinders increased to 94 mm, used the crankshaft with a piston stroke of 84 mm. As a result we got low-speed engine with displacement of 4.7 liter. The cylinder head is aluminum, with two camshafts and 4 valves per cylinder. The first version has only 230hp with absence of variable valve timing system VVTi. After 2005 these engines got VVTi system and their power increased to 270-280 horsepower. The size of fuel injectors on 2UZ-FE is 275 cc/min.


Toyota V8 2UZ-FE


Toyota V8 2UZ-FE

ECM 3d map Toyota V8 2UZ-FE

Images for 2GD-FTV is on link 2GD-FTV 

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