Toyota LandCruiser Prado TRJ120 ECM REMAP

Toyota LandCruiser Prado TRJ120 ECM REMAP


The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TRJ120 (Japanese: トヨタ・ランドクルーザー プラド, Toyota Rando-Kurūzā Purado) is a full-size four-wheel drive vehicle in the Land Cruiser range. The Prado is one of the smaller vehicles in the range.

The Toyota 2TR-FE is a 2.7 L straight-four 4-stroke natural aspirated gasoline engine from Toyota TR-family. The 2TR-FE engine was manufactured in Kamigo Plant and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia.

The 2TR-FE engine features a cast iron, deep-skirt cylinder block and aluminum cylinder head with two overhead camshafts (DOHC) and four valves per cylinder (16 in total). The Toyota 2TR-FE engine used Multipoint fuel injection system, VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) or dual VVT-i since 2015 and distributorless DIS (Direct Ignition System)- with individual ignition coil for each spark plug.

Prado comes with a ladder frame, Rear beam axles and a 4×4 transfer box. The TRJ120  has an independent suspension at the front and a beam axle at rear.

Engine Variants of Land Cruiser Prado are

2TR-FE i.e 2700CC 2004 and plus vehicles offering only 246NM Torque

3RZ-FE also 2700CC but older than 2004

5VZ i.e 3400CC

1KD-FTV and some vehicles even have 2KD or commonly known as D4D engine.

Vehicles having 2TR-FE have poor torque and bad gear shifting pattern. We have designed  a software / ECM Remap of Prado 2TR that takes care of the issue.

Depending upon engine conditions and maintenance standard, upto 15% power is achievable by upgrading to newer software / ECM upgrade. ECM remap of prado 2TR usually takes 2-3 hours


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