also provides Toyota Prius hybrid battery service in Islamabad Pakistan. When it comes to your hybrid car’s battery, how are you supposed to know if the battery is dying? You can probably pick some warning signs of a dying hybrid Prius battery ?

Some points to ponder: A take from an expert Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Service

Majority of people keep a close eye on their km per litre number. However a constantly varying KM/LTR number can indicate that your battery isn’t charging to its full capacity anymore which means a battery failure is likely to happen in the near future.

If you are under suspicion that there is a problem with your Prius battery, observe your state of charge readings. If you find that some significant fluctuations then this is a standard sign of a hybrid battery problem. Sometimes it can be related to the charging system of your Prius, but that is not usually the case with SOC readings. If you are fluctuating from 20% to 100%  and back again, then your battery certainly needs attention.

Another sign is erratic running of internal combustion engine or ICE. There could be some other concerns but testing the battery is the first to do. A difference in fuel avg odo may also mean a problem. if you are nearing 200,000 km along with some other battery end of life signs then you might want to call a topnotch Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Service in Islamabad Pakistan like

Owning a hybrid car may bring a new set of maintenance and repair issues. If your Prius is showing odd signs of having battery or power issues then it is time to give us a call or stop down at our location today. We can service any Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery. Our staff can help diagnose, repair and maintain to bring all new life into your trusted and loved Prius. Contact for resolving Toyota Prius Trouble Codes as your trusted partner.

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