Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Service

Why the need for a car inspection?

A vehicle inspection service is an independent, third-party professional service. We evaluate the condition of the vehicle and the customer makes a purchase offer accordingly. Consumer protection organizations, insurance companies, recommend an independent pre-purchase car inspection. The prospective buyer can hire our service to examine the vehicle for any defects, hidden damage, maintenance history, and safety.

Customer gets an evaluation report as well. Our report usually has details of hybrid battery health. We report any anomaly as this is an expensive part of a hybrid vehicle. e.g Honda Vezel Dual clutch and Prius Hybrid Battery are expensive components of a vehicle and demand a thorough car inspection. Many companies such as PakWheels car sure and car first also offer these services.

Some purchasers are unaware of the type and condition of car. Because our industry has very bad standards, even brand new cars at the showroom can have problems. We always recommend a third party evaluation so that the said vehicle is checked properly. Traditionally in Pakistan people usually opt for a used car as there 1st car. Because they have no experience with the automotive market, they can end up buying an accidental vehicle. Also, the cars are highly priced in Pakistan which has created a bigger segment of used cars and jeeps than the new one.

Recently a lot of completely water damaged and submerged vehicles came to Pakistan. These vehicles are then repaired at hidden workshops. We are very much against this practice and never recommend a water damaged car to any user. Such cars give a very bad service and are very unreliable.

Hybrid and 4x4 Car Inspection Service

Some consumer protection organizations, insurance companies, recommend an independent car inspection. It is also termed as Pre-purchase car Inspection service. Prospective buyer hires our service to inspect the vehicle for defects, hidden damage, maintenance history, and safety. We provide a car inspection report as well. The report consists of hybrid battery health report. We try our best to provide a fair idea of the life of battery left. The team has a vast experience in all kinds of 4×4,s. Some companies hire us for evaluating the bullet proof vehicles as that requires precise know how. Because the team also has a mechanical department, thorough checking of I-DCD or dual clutch is performed.

What’s included in the Inspection?

Some of the benefits of the pre-purchase car inspection are

Car Inspection Sample Report / Invoice

Car Inspection Report Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel

How to book ?

We usually take 2-3 hours head-start to successfully carry out an inspection service. The service is currently available in most areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The prospective buyers can make a call at any of our provided no’s and provide details of the vehicle, its availability and contact details of seller in case the buyer is not physically present.

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