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The company is considered as best auto workshop in islamabad and rawalpindi when it comes to hybrid cars. specializes in on-site maintenance work of any hybrid or conventional vehicle with state of the art tools and trained technical professionals. Our technicians go through extensive trainings and hands ON practical work experience. We offer best auto workshop experience to our customers.

Convenient: No need to visit workshops all the time(Members only)

Comfort: At your own location

Cost: No Rip-offs / No hidden costs / 95% upfront rates

Best Auto Workshop In Islamabad

Best auto workshop in islamabad for Honda Vezel Toyota Prius is referred as best auto workshop when programming of on board ECM,s is required for performance, and trouble shooting or any other electrical problems which the local manufacturers are unable to repair. We can reprogram the ECU for almost any vehicle for performance upgrades, reset the P0420 data P0400 EGR errors and perform Dual clutch and dry clutch calibrations and adjustments on Honda, Nissan & Toyota Vehicles.

P0400 Error Fix
P0420 Error fix
VSA ABS and CTBA LKAS LDA adjustments
Hybrid system inspection service / Diagnostics

Secondary Air Pump and EGR

Complete services are offered for turning off the EGR or exhaust gas recirculator for all types of makes and models.

File Service / Firmware Upgrade

We specialize in updating the firmware for your car. With our tuning upgrades, you can greatly add to the power of your car. Speed limiting is also possible. We can also disable the diesel particulate filter commonly known as DPF without any effect on performance.  The EGR or exhaust gas recirculatory system can also be adjusted in Toyota Prius for better performance. Some of our popular upgrades include Honda Vezel RU3 and RU4 firmware upgrades with cruise speed limit unlock and drive by wire lag removal. A lot of Prius having starting issues can also be re programmed to use the Pakistani fuel properly. P0400, P0401and related DTC,s are corrected professionally.  

Car Inspection Service in Islamabad

What is Chip tuning?

Chip tuning, also known as engine remapping or ECU tuning, is a process that involves modifying the electronic control unit (ECU) of a vehicle’s engine to enhance its performance. The ECU is responsible for managing various parameters and settings related to fuel injection, ignition timing, turbo boost pressure, and other engine functions. Chip tuning involves reprogramming or replacing the existing software in the ECU to optimize these parameters, thereby increasing power, torque, and overall engine performance.

By adjusting the engine control unit in the modern vehicles it is possible to improve power. Whenever an engine sees a better fuel mixture it performs better and the effortless ignition helps in getting better averages.  It has now become a yearly trend that by every passing year more and more stricter environmental regulations are forcing the manufacturers to create lean burn engines.  The embedded software do not let the engine perform at peak levels. The lean situation is bad for longevity of an engines life and valves and it sees an early deterioration. This is where chip tuning comes in where e adjust the fuel parameters according to the region. When we chip tune we consider the barometric pressure and the RON of fuel as main adjustments. The timings are set in a way that the engine start behaving a lot better than for the area it was designed for. Our team has expertise in high altitude flash and tunes. We can also chiptune your vehicle through the Diagnostic port without altering any warranty information. Out of city customers can send us the ECM and we will tune it for them in our test vehicles. We are also capable of handling and adjusting DPF, EGR and NoX (Nitrogen) sensors on all diesel vehicles including Hino and Komatsu range.   When we tune we try to do it be remaining in favor of environmental regulations. We have complete range of Diesel exhaust fluid and Adblue fluid for Mercedes, Range Rover etc. 

We also chip tune hybrid cars and we can also re program the engine power conversion torque algorithm

Chip tuning diesel and gasoline engines

Usually factory firmware has certain disadvantages:

We offer you the best and customized firmware that is completely clear of any factory defects.

Rearranging the settings in the ECM / control unit and uploading the updated program demands a lot of experience. Our team tries to deliver the best solution Our shop specializes in this  advanced equipment and software upgrades. To keep the procedures safe and ensure quality we recommend a visit to our garage. We not only tune for sports and rallies but also for family sedans.

Advantages of chip tuning:

Software Removal of EGR

The EGR system or “EGR” (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is an emission control system. From this name it is clear that the principle of this system is based on the return of a certain amount of exhaust gas back into the engine cylinders for  complete burning. This effectively reduces the amount of oxygen in the air fuel mixture. This result in reduction of nitrogen oxide formation. Although it is better for environment, but there are also certain disadvantages in the EGR system operation. Specially in hot climates or area that remain above 2 Degree centigrade.

Also, there is a perception that the EGR system reduces the service life of a cars engine, and becomes more harmful to the engine of your car. Soot and other minute particles deposited on the walls of the duct and the intake manifold form a thick layer of dirty deposit. This causes an excessive layer of carbon deposits on inlet valves.

The resulting carbon deposits on the intake valves and the intake manifold are one of the major causes of loss of engine power. The small particles deposited on the walls of the engine worsen engine air intake capability. 

Software Remove Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The diesel particulate filter is a ceramic based active element. It is enclosed in a metal housing. The cellular structure of the filter element of the matrix consists of a parallel section of small channels. The walls of the channels play the role of a filter and absorb soot. After a certain time, the exhaust gases clog the filter, thereby delaying the release of hot gases. This can actually cause more pollution than the cleanliness it was intended for.

We can reprogram your vehicle so that it will create less soot or carbon deposit. This will help in keeping the DPF clean.

Some signs of a clogged DPF:

If you replace with a new DPF, it will again get clogged in 30,000km or less because the engine is not properly adjusted to the type of fuel present in your area. The ignition timings need to be adjusted. Most vehicles with DPF have common rail and it can get damaged due to a bad DPF.

Remove the diesel particulate filter (physical + software) – the most effective way !!! The procedure for disabling the diesel particulate filter is performed in the computer’s firmware. We transfer the system to the Euro-3 standards for operation without a particulate filter. 

We have seen a 20% improvement in horsepower after removing the DPF and EGR. 

Why you need an expert Mechanic for Hybrid Cars?

With the passage of time it is observed that some mechanics are reluctant to work on hybrid cars. The maintenance and repairs for them are different then a standard car. So certainly you require an accomplished mechanic for hybrid cars in Islamabad Pakistan like us to make things work for you. Do call us if you want to experience best auto workshop in Islamabad.

A hybrid car differs in the sense that when you turn off the ignition for a non-hybrid, the vehicle is effectively off. The battery though still connected, but the car’s engine is not going to power up mid-service. On the contrary a hybrid car has a motive battery that is much more powerful than the standard auto battery which can also kick on by itself. Servicing these high end cars require best automobile workshop to handle complications. For any of the mechanic for hybrid cars in Islamabad Pakistan, this can all become very dangerous as in the case of key removal the car’s engine may still engage the use of battery. If all power and batteries not disconnected properly then it may cause damage to the car.

Another reason is that these cars have high-voltage electrical systems and requires an insulated gloves during repair due to the risk of an electric shock. That is why it requires an expert Toyota and Honda mechanic for hybrid cars in Islamabad Pakistan to work with this. We are considered as best auto workshop in islamabad for hybrids and other cars. Android App Link

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