ECU Remap Chip Tuning

What is ECU Remapping?

ECU remapping, also known as chip tuning, is the process of modifying the software or “map” within the electronic control unit (ECU) of a vehicle. The ECU is responsible for controlling various aspects of the engine’s performance, such as fuel injection, ignition timing, turbo boost pressure, and throttle response.

During an ECU remap, the original software in the ECU is modified to optimize engine performance. This involves adjusting parameters within the map to achieve improvements in power, torque, fuel efficiency, and overall drivability. The modifications made during the remapping process are designed to unleash the full potential of the engine, extracting more power and enhancing its performance characteristics.

ECU Remap for Rally Chip Tuning Custom Tune

ECU Remap or Chip tuning is a service that involves tweaking. In this service our teams scan the complete electronics of a car. We adjust the parameters to achieve gain in vehicle performance and fuel averages. We strictly follow the company settings, so that performance increases.

Please note that diesel vehicles show a remarkable difference after a Remap. Petrol vehicles also show a good difference in performance specially at mid level range for efficient rallying and high altitude performance.

Some of the popular car engines that we have successfully tested are

We offer following services with ECU Remap Chip tuning for almost all Toyota and Honda vehicles

Hyundai Tucson ECU Remap / Firmware Upgrade

Hyundai Tucson

ECU: SIM2K-241 SW: KR77395127

Hyundai Tucson

ECU Remap

The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 having 2UZ-FE is a 4.7L 90º V8, 32 valve DOHC gasoline engine built at Toyota’s engine plant in Tahara, Aichi prefecture in Japan.

We tune the engine to perform best in the mid level. Toyota Land Cruiser V8 2UZ-FE 4.7 also has second stage catalytic converters, which can be removed for more gains.

Vehicles having 2TR-FE have poor torque and bad gear shifting pattern. We have designed  a software / ECM Remap of Prado 2TR that takes care of the issue.

Depending upon engine conditions and maintenance standard, upto 15% power is achievable by upgrading to newer software / ECM upgrade. ECM remap of prado 2TR usually takes 2-3 hours

Note: Our Tuning & Re-Mapping services are designed to work with or without aftermarket equipment, as well as OEM setups.

Any advantage to your vehicle, gained by your existing equipment, will only enhance the performance of our Tuning & Re-Mapping services. This service will unlock the full potential of your performance components. ECU Remap is mostly done via OBD access port.

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