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EPB U0416 VSA system malfunction

Many new cars with EPB U0416 VSA system malfunction is a common error. We service all new cars with EPB. We also have tools to perform VSC, Yaw rate and ABS calibrations on Toyota, Honda and Suzuki vehicles. Caliper,s, slider pins and new brake pads are also available in our ...

P0A80 Hybrid system inspection service

The trend of Hybrid vehicles these days has pushed almost every car manufacturer to design and market hybrid cars. Toyota being pioneer in selling the max no of vehicles to date having hybrid system. Hybrid cars have ability to run on both engine and battery. Toyota Prius is a hybrid, ...

Car inspection for Hybrid and 4×4 Paint Testing

A car inspection is an independent, third-party professional service. Some consumer protection organizations, insurance companies, recommend an independent car inspection. It is also termed as Pre-purchase Inspection service. Prospective buyer hires our service to inspect the vehicle for defects, hidden damage, maintenance history, and safety. We provide a car inspection report ...

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