• Tips for Honda Hybrid Maintenance

    Tips for Honda Hybrid Maintenance

    Tips for Honda Hybrid Vezel/Fit/Freed Maintenance Schedule The staff at Fixmycar.pk would like to offer some helpful advice to Honda Vezel hybrid owners on how to effectively maintain their vehicles. Call us for additional information and to have one of our experts assist you. Contact us at m: 03312227989 Whatsapp our specialists now! Flush and

  • Honda Vezel Car In Pakistan

    Honda Vezel Car In Pakistan

    Honda Vezel Car One of the Premium Electric and Hybrid is Honda Vezel car. A well-maintained Vezel will always serve for a longer time. The name Honda Vezel comes from the word “Bezel” which comes from gemology. The 1st Generation it was known for electronic issues due to the presence of two independent ECM,s designed

  • Honda Vezel fuel filter
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    Honda Vezel fuel filter

    Recommended replacement cycle is 40,000KM Honda recommends to change fuel filter every 40,000KM. It is because of the fact that it helps in keeping the fuel pump and the injectors free from any stress that is caused by debris in the fuel. We also recommend to replace in an event where vehicle is filled with

  • Honda Vezel Parts
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    Honda Vezel Parts

    Parts list for Honda Vezel un-identified parts Fixmycar.pk has a complete range of Honda Vezel parts (RU3 , RU4) and Honda Fit vehicles (GP5), we also provide warranty on parts (subject to installation terms) DAA-RU3 Hybrid 957010804008 BOLT, FLANGE, 8X40 9 957010802508 BOLT, FLANGE, 8X25 8 4 388755P6000 Bracket compressor High voltage 6 1 228805P8026

  • Warning Light – Honda Vezel and GP5
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    Warning Light – Honda Vezel and GP5

    Warning Lights Honda Vezel and GP5  We have arranged a list of warning lights Honda Vezel and GP5, some indicators and messages that come in Japanese language and translated them for users for Honda Fit, Honda Vezel, Honda Grace, Honda Jade and Honda spyke / freed vehicles. Brake , Oil Pressure and PGM-FI warning lights

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