• Evolution of Toyota Prius Hybrid

    Evolution of Toyota Prius Hybrid

    The story of the Toyota Prius Hybrid began in 1997. Driving took to a new level with the introduction of the first popular hybrid. It’s time to move on to the next chapter. Prius blends clever design and technology to offer dynamic performance and superb handling, exciting and efficient to drive. LEADING THE WAY IN

  • Toyota Hybrid System Overview

    Toyota Hybrid System Overview

    Toyota HV system explained A lot can be learned about a Hybrid system vehicle by clicking on the link below (pdf file). Hybrid System Overview A hybrid car differs in the sense that when you turn off the ignition for a non-hybrid, the vehicle is effectively off. The battery though still connected, but the car’s

  • Best Auto Workshop in Islamabad
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    Best Auto Workshop in Islamabad

    Let us talk about the car workshop famous as the best auto workshop in Islamabad: The teams at fixmycar.pk have a strong team of technicians experienced in this field. The fully equipped garage can handle almost all makes and models of cars that require daily maintenance or repairs. Fixmcar.pk also offers performance products and remap

  • Hybrid Battery Reconditioning
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    Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

    Hybrid Battery Reconditioning, How? Hybrid Battery Reconditioning, combines the charging and balancing process, with deep discharging, to reverse the aging process and recondition the battery. This process breaks down crystal formations and voltage depressions, which form in the NiMh battery’s modules or cells.   The process begins with load testing the battery and identifying its

  • P0A80 Prius Code Means Replace Hybrid Battery Pack
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    P0A80 Prius Code Means Replace Hybrid Battery Pack

    Toyota Prius P0A80 Code P0a80 Toyota Prius code is a generic powertrain diagnostic trouble code (DTC) typically applies to hybrid cars from Toyota Prius, Camry, Lexus, Hyundai etc. When this code triggers it means that there is some problem in the hybrid vehicle battery management system (HVBMS) and so forth a weak cell failure has

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