• Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TRJ120 ECM REMAP

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TRJ120 ECM REMAP

    ECM REMAP The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TRJ120  (Japanese: トヨタ・ランドクルーザー プラド, Toyota Rando-Kurūzā Purado) is a full-size four-wheel drive vehicle in the Land Cruiser range. The Prado is one of the smaller vehicles in the range. Landcruiser Prado TRJ120 remap service is best for all generations. The Toyota 2TR-FE is a 2.7 L straight-four 4-stroke
  • Toyota Hybrid System Overview

    Toyota Hybrid System Overview

    Toyota HV system explained A lot can be learned about a  Hybrid vehicle by clicking on the link below (pdf file). Hybrid System Overview A hybrid system car differs in the sense that when you turn off the ignition for a non-hybrid, the vehicle is effectively off. The battery though still connected, but the car’s
  • Dual clutch Transmissions

    Dual clutch Transmissions

    Highly efficient future mobility Dual clutches are the talk of the future. Almost every manufacturer is rolling out cars nowadays with a dual dry clutch. New entrants like the hot Proton X70 also uses the intelligent dual dry clutch. The details on the MG HS by SAIC motors also reveal that the vehicle has a

  • City Brake Active System-CTBA

    City Brake Active System-CTBA

    City Brake Active System Structure Description CTBA Note: The following safety data is provided to us by the official Honda Technical documents  ** Note that, this system activated only within 5~30 km/h ** Series Honda Vezel RU3 Series Honda Vezel RU4 CTBA City Brake Active System developed by Honda to detect and prevent a pending forward

  • P0430 and P0420

    P0430 and P0420

    What are P0430 and P0420 DTC,s  These code are set by the ECM when it detects that the substrate of the catalytic converter has totally decayed and it is not absorbing the harmful gases (if any). This code can cause the car to operate in a limp mode and slow down the overall performance. New

  • Best workshop in Islamabad

    Best workshop in Islamabad

    Let us talk about the car workshop famous as the best Workshop in Islamabad: The teams at fixmycar have a strong team of technicians experienced in this field. The fully equipped garage can handle almost all makes and models of cars that require daily maintenance or repairs. fixmcar.pk also offers performance products and remap services

  • Secondary Air injection system

    Secondary Air injection system

    What is Secondary Air injection system and DTC P2440 in Toyota? The Valve Stuck Open secondary air injection system is a secondary air pump error P2440 Toyota Landcruiser. This results in an open issue for the valve of the secondary air injection system. However, This is very hard to fix this trouble code as mostly

  • SAP off LC200 4.7 and 4.6 LTR

    SAP off LC200 4.7 and 4.6 LTR

    What is SAP or Secondary Air Pump P2442 ? The purpose of the SAP secondary air injection system P2442 is to pump fresh air into the exhaust system. This process reduces harmful pollutants by the exhaust. The PCM receives information from the secondary air injection system regarding pressure and flow. If the secondary air injection



    General description VSS or Vehicle speed sensor gives the onboard computer information about the vehicle speed. The sensor operates on the principle of the Hall Effect and is usually mounted on the tachometer or in the gearbox. Appearance Typical vehicle speed sensor. Used types of sensors Speed sensor based on the Hall effect Speed sensors



    General description The CAN bus is an automotive bus developed by Bosch, allowing micro controllers and devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer. CAN bus is a message-based protocol, designed specifically for automotive applications but now also used in other areas such as aerospace, industrial automation and medical equipment.

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