• Bosch CVT Transmission For EVs

    Bosch CVT Transmission For EVs

    CVT Transmission For Electric Vehicles Improves Performance And Efficiency Almost all current Electric vehicles use a direct drive and reduction gear arrangement to transmit their power to the road; they are single speed vehicles. There will be no gear shifting or varied ratios, and manufacturers will rely on the well-known torque of electric motors to

  • Honda Vezel Car In Pakistan

    Honda Vezel Car In Pakistan

    Honda Vezel Car One of the Premium Electric and Hybrid is Honda Vezel car. A well-maintained Vezel will always serve for a longer time. The name Honda Vezel comes from the word “Bezel” which comes from gemology. The 1st Generation it was known for electronic issues due to the presence of two independent ECM,s designed

  • Toyota Safety Sense

    Toyota Safety Sense

    Toyota Safety Sense Toyota Safety sense is made up out of multiple features, this intelligent safety package is designed to enable safe driving and help protect passengers. Evolution in Toyota Safety Systems Since the inception of vehicles, the manufacturers are trying there best to create safety features in automobiles and make them more reliable and

  • Best Car Painter In Islamabad

    Best Car Painter In Islamabad

    Car Painter Painting a car and painting a wall in your home are two very different things. One only has a few paint rollers and a can of paint, while car painter, the other necessitates a long list of materials, including transparent coats, primers, and sprayers. That’s why professional car paint jobs aren’t as expensive

  • P0301 Code Cylinder 1 Misfire Detection

    P0301 Code Cylinder 1 Misfire Detection

    Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0301 shows that Cylinder number 1 experiencing  misfire. Meaning and Cause of P0301 Code P0300 is OBD-II trouble code for Random/Multiple Cylinder Detected. The code P0301 shows that Cylinder number 1 experiencing  misfire. If there is not enough fuel burned in a cylinder, it causes a misfire. Fuel combustion is what

  • 10 Car Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

    10 Car Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

    These common myths could actually be ruining your car. Premium fuel would increase my car’s performance May be this gas is more expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s pure or more clean than the standard gas you fill up. This gas is used for specific cars that use less combustible gasoline with a different timing

  • Honda Sensing Safety

    Honda Sensing Safety

    About Honda & Honda Sensing Honda Motor corporation Japan is a highly committed company when it comes to driver focused cars. The company has introduced world class systems such as Honda i-Vtec. The hybrid division and the Earth dreams division continuously develops engines that create less emissions and consume low fuel. Honda Officials are concerned

  • P0400 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

    P0400 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

    Definition of P0400 EGR The basic definition of P0400 EGR code corresponds to Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Malfunction. (EGR valve) What the P0400 code means P0400 belongs to OBD-II generic code. It points that the engine control module (ECM) has detected some problem with the exhaust gas. Mostly it means that the engine EGR valve

  • Nissan Note Engine Replacement

    Nissan Note Engine Replacement

    The Nissan Note is based on the platform designed by the alliance of Renault and Nissan. It is sometimes referred as the V-platform. The same platform is used by the latest Renault Clio. This car has some variants for Japanese market as well. Because of the strictness by the European Union Nissan has further tuned

  • Honda Civic Turbo X

    Honda Civic Turbo X

     Honda Civic Turbo Honda civic turbo x comes with a turbo engine and a direct fuel injection system. The DFI explains the minor clicking noise. When you press the accelerator pedal clicking noise may be heard and it is from the GDI pump. A lot of people think the noise is coming from tappets or

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