• P0430 and P0420 Code
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    P0430 and P0420 Code

    What are P0430 code and P0420 DTC,s  These code are set by the ECM when it detects that the substrate of the catalytic converter has totally decayed and it is not absorbing the harmful gases (if any). This code can cause the car to operate in a limp mode and slow down the overall performance.

  • Catalytic Converter Issue Honda Civic
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    Catalytic Converter Issue Honda Civic

    Blanking EGR The EGR system plays a crucial role in reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by recirculating a portion of exhaust gases back into the engine. This process helps lower combustion temperatures and minimize the formation of harmful pollutants. If you believe there is a specific issue with your EGR system, it’s recommended to have

  • Catalytic Converters of Honda and Toyota
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    Catalytic Converters of Honda and Toyota

    What is Catalytic Converter? A catalyst, in scientific or technical terms, is a chemical that is used in a chemical reaction to speed up the reaction without changing the reaction itself. Catalytic converter performs the same function, with the catalyst’s role being to speed up the removal of pollution. The pollution-causing gases are made up

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