• Honda Vezel and Fit Dual Clutch Transmission
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    Honda Vezel and Fit Dual Clutch Transmission

    Honda Dual Clutch Transmission Problems In Pakistan When Honda first announced about dual clutch transmission (DCT) in its hybrid cars, it sounded like Honda was either late into the competition or maybe it was following a perfectionist approach before launching it. But later it was found that dual clutch transmissions are nightmare specifically the one

  • Dual clutch Transmission
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    Dual clutch Transmission

    Highly efficient future mobility Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) is a cutting-edge automotive technology that combines the efficiency of a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic transmission. It has gained significant popularity among car enthusiasts and manufacturers alike. With its advanced design, DCT delivers lightning-fast gear shifts, resulting in seamless acceleration and enhanced fuel

  • Best Auto Workshop in Islamabad
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    Best Auto Workshop in Islamabad

    Let us talk about the car workshop famous as the best auto workshop in Islamabad: The teams at fixmycar.pk has a strong team of technicians experienced in this field. The fully equipped garage can handle almost all makes and models of cars that require daily maintenance or repairs. Fixmcar.pk also offers performance products and remap

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