Dual clutch Transmission
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Dual clutch Transmission

Highly efficient future mobility

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) is a cutting-edge automotive technology that combines the efficiency of a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic transmission. It has gained significant popularity among car enthusiasts and manufacturers alike. With its advanced design, DCT delivers lightning-fast gear shifts, resulting in seamless acceleration and enhanced fuel efficiency. The system utilizes two separate clutches for odd and even gears, allowing for instantaneous and smooth gear changes. This innovative transmission technology provides precise control and a dynamic driving experience. Whether you cruising on the highway or maneuvering through city traffic, a vehicle equipped with a dual-clutch transmission offers unparalleled performance and responsiveness. Experience the next level of driving pleasure with DCT-equipped cars, setting new standards in the automotive industry.

Dual Clutch talk of future

Almost every manufacturer is rolling out cars nowadays with a dual dry clutch. New entrants like the hot Proton X70 also use the intelligent dual dry clutch. The details on the MG HS by SAIC motors also reveal that the vehicle has a dual-clutch transmission. Details on the Morris Garages HS can be read by clicking here.

The hype doesn’t stop here, Now we may see common sedans with this technology. The recent launch of the ALSVIN also confirms the availability of the same system but with an introductory low-end design that we may see failures. AISIN in Japan designs the system.

Despite all the new entrants, the system, in general, was seen in Honda Vezel with a German-engineered unit. The design by LUK is one of the best and fast switching clutch designs in the world. Even this system had chances of failure due to negligence and poor cooling. Please remember that Honda Vezel is also a Hybrid vehicle with Gasoline Direct injection technology and is a very powerful crossover with an amazing user experience.

What to Focus on the overall system

The clutch and gear actuation subsystems are developed by breaking down the manufacturing requirements to the subcomponent level. This is always done through a number of surveys that explains what a customer demands. This ranges from mechanical, hydraulic, electric, and electronic design right through to software development.

Benefits of a dual-clutch system

Some of the benefits are

  • Modular, requirement-based actuation for wet and dry Dual Clutch Transmission applications
  • Start-stop and sailing operations can be implemented easily
  • Actuation of electric parking lock is possible
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Decreased CO2 emissions
  • Excellent driving comfort and sporty feeling

Wet and Dry double clutches

The new wet and dry double clutches design enables compatibility with hydraulic power packs and hydrostatic clutch actuators (HCA) through an integrated double CSC (concentric slave cylinder) with non-rotating pistons. Locating the bearing support on the cover prevents support forces on the crankshaft and input shaft. This design is consequently highly resistant to NVH side effects.

Common features of a dual-clutch

  • Integrated double CSC (Concentric Slave Cylinders)
  • Design is resistant to NVH side effects (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness)
  • No support forces on the crankshaft or transmission input shafts
  • Compatible with power packs and hydrostatic clutch actuators (HCA)


dual clutch transmission

How does Dual-Clutch Transmission work?

The dual-clutch transmission is a type of technology designed to allow an uninterrupted, efficient flow of power and torque from the engine to the transmission. It consists of two clutches, one for odd gears (1, 3, 5) and one for even gears (2, 4, 6). When in gear, each clutch will automatically engage when power is needed, allowing for a smooth transition between gears. At higher speeds, dual-clutch technology can optimize the engine’s torque output depending on the conditions at hand. This also gives dual-clutch transmissions improved acceleration compared to conventional automatic transmission systems. Due to dual-clutch transmissions continuing to be implemented in various car models on the market today, it is rapidly becoming very popular with drivers who need a responsive and dynamic driving experience.

System and Software expertise

The clutch and the transmission control through independent software. Because the transmission is adaptive, the learning routines ensure comfortable gear shifts. The system behaves according to the torque pulls and driving behavior of the user.

In addition to the Honda Vezel, Schaeffler offers a complete transmission control software program with a calibration interface. This enables a complete system solution for the workshop such as fixmycar.pk Pakistan.

Fixmycar.pk is the 1st company in the world to decode the cruise unlock on the Japanese Honda variants. The company has full capability to upgrade the Laser Radar software, Transmission system software, and remove of drive by wire lag experienced by the car due to bad fuel.

Removal of Drive by wire lag due to the communication gap between the two ECM,s can easily be diagnosed and removed. We also offer a complete training program for skilled technicians. Please click on the link for any information. Trainings

Hydrostatic Clutch Actuator (HCA)

Most DCD or i-DCD transmissions use a Hydrostatic actuator with an integrated reservoir. It is a standardized component for stand-alone operation with a local control unit (LCU) for different applications. The functional advantage of actuators is fast and precise control without additional sensors on the clutch. Also, it can help in the actuation of different clutches in conventional, hybrid, and electric drive trains.

All of this helps in significant fuel savings. Because HCA offers high efficiency in output and actuation force it can be modified for single or double actuation. Some designs also allow different mounting positions.dual clutch transmission

Active interlock Transmission Actuator

The transmission actuator is an electromechanical system that works independently of clutch actuation. It operates transmissions for AMT / Dual Clutch Transmission applications using two efficient brushless electric motors. The active interlock principle prevents shifting errors without the need for extra sensors.

dual clutch transmission

Expertise in Dual Clutch Transmission Technology

Fixmycar.pk is fully capable of handling almost all types of dual-clutch transmission. Since all new vehicles in the market have double clutches such as MG HS, Proton X70, Honda Vezel, and Changan Alsvin, etc. Please feel free to contact our teams for any issues related to the replacement or programming of a DCT.

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