Nissan Note Engine Replacement
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Nissan Note Engine Replacement

The Nissan Note is based on the platform designed by the alliance of Renault and Nissan. It is sometimes referred as the V-platform. The same platform is used by the latest Renault Clio. This car has some variants for Japanese market as well. Because of the strictness by the European Union Nissan has further tuned the cars for being more friendly for the environment.

nissan note engine

The handling of the car is exceptionally well, Although he car is slightly taller than the regular hatchbacks. The steering is responsive. Some versions such as the Nismo Tuned are very popular in Japan.

Engine options for Nissan-Note E12

Nissan offers three engines with the Note, two petrol engines and a single 1.5-litre diesel that’s shared with many other models in the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The entry-level 79bhp 1.2-litre is a three-cylinder unit that performs well enough, with a reasonably torque. The engine is quite smooth and revs freely.

Versions of Nissan Note

Some minor variations can be seen in different versions of the Nissan-Note family

Note Acenta 1.2 80HP Model 2013
Nissan Note Naru Edition 1.2 80HP Model 2013
Note Tekna Premium 1.2 DIG-S 98HP Model 2014
XTronic Note Tekna Premium 1.2 DIG-S 98HP 2014
Note Tekna Sport 1.2 80HP Model 2013
Nissan Note Tekna Sport 1.2 DIG-S 98HP Model 2014
HPT Xtronic Note Tekna Sport 1.2 DIG-S 98hp Model 2014
Note Visia 1.2 80HP

Japanese Nissan note Hybrid

The hybrid NN is a Naturally aspirated three cylinder engine which only charges the battery through a direct drive generator system. It has no Transaxle and is extremely fast car in the family of Hybrids

Japan JC08 Test Cycle

Note’s are rated by Japan’s JC08 test cycle for to be able to travel 34 kilometers on a single liter of fuel. This clearly shows that the NN is more friendly to the environment than a Toyota Prius.

NN 2020 will completely forego non-hybrid versions. All models for Japan market will remain hybrid. A lot of demand is expected from the United States of America, since Nissan will be dropping the non-hybrid powertrain completely as part of a redesign. Currently there is no Nissan Note e-power hybrid in USA.

nissan note engine

The second-generation version of e-Power will see a complete redesign, The engineers at Nissan have worked a lot and successfully improved the Electric-motor torque by 10%. Nissan 2020 is 6% more powerful than predecessors. According to the press release by Nissan the system also features a smaller and lighter inverter. Improvement of fuel economy is imminent in newer gasoline engine.

The new model is designed to use more electrical energy or completely switches to EV if road noise decreases. The sensors detect the road noise and switch on the gasoline engine to charge the battery pack if it detect more road noise. This will prove helpful in decreasing the noise pollution.

AWD Nissan Note

For the Japanese market the new Nissan note due for launch in December 2020 will have an All wheel drive variant with double drive motors. It will have independent front and rear drive motors.

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