Toyota Prius C1259 and P0A0D Error
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Toyota Prius C1259 and P0A0D Error

The Toyota Prius C1259 and P0A0D errors are diagnostic trouble codes that relate to the hybrid system of the vehicle. The C1259 code specifically indicates a malfunction in the regenerative brake system, which is responsible for capturing and converting kinetic energy back into electrical energy to charge the hybrid battery. This malfunction could be attributed to issues with the brake actuator, brake fluid, or other related components. On the other hand, the P0A0D code points towards a problem in the hybrid powertrain control module, which manages the interactions between the gasoline engine, electric motors, and battery pack. Detecting and resolving these error codes promptly is crucial to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of the Toyota Prius’s hybrid system, contributing to both fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. If either of these codes is illuminated on the vehicle’s dashboard, it is advisable to seek professional assistance to diagnose and rectify the underlying issues.

Toyota Prius C1259, P0A0D Removed has a trained Hybrid vehicles handling team for Toyota c1259 error. We are in service for last 05 years and specialize in home services for all make and models of cars. Our team received a call from a customer that a Toyota Prius is not starting or moving and after showing the car to multiple workshops all are saying to change the battery pack, the vehicle was totally disabled.

Hybrid System Errors

Some Errors Associated with Hybrid System

C1259 Check HV system

C1345 Traction system / ABS

C1392 Stroke Sensor

P0A0D High voltage system error

C1203 ECM Communication Circuit

C1451 Motor drive malfunction

C1310 Skid control ECU

Toyota Prius C1259 and P0A0D Error Images

c1259 prius

P0a80 Replace Hybrid Battery Pack

toyota c1259

P0a7f Hybrid Battery Pack Deterioration

High Voltage of Prius

Please note that Prius has around 210 VDC in its system, extreme precautions must be taken to handle the electronics of the car. The Auxiliary battery was also found to be weak so replaced with new one.

toyota c1259

Jump Starting

Engine damage prevention

The old oil that came out was hardly 1 Ltr and it had also triggered the engine oil low safety program to prevent engine damage.

toyota c1259

Removal of Battery Pack and Testing Voltages




Hybrid Battery Pack Prius 2011

c1259 prius

The batteries were checked individually as the system was showing battery error

Toyota c1259 & P0A0D

Battery Block Voltages

c1259 prius

Testing Voltage On Battery Pack

toyota c1259

Testing of Main fuse


The vehicle is now perfect and drive-able after removing of Toyota Prius c1259 error. Installation of all equipment done after testing.

toyota c1259

On-site Work, Everything Done At Customers Home

Maintenance mode activation, Error removal and calibrations

toyota c1259

100% Ok and ready to use with 18.5KM average during testing

Hybrid Battery Fan 

Our hybrid battery fan service includes:
• Removing all panels necessary to access HV battery fan.
• Cleaning hybrid battery fan or duct assembly, Scan and Reset of controller

Cost is Rs. 3500/- (approximately) inclusive of scan and inspection

Time (Takes about 2 hours)

Complete Removal of all parts and servicing each and every part , tear down of Power unit (Honda & Toyota Vehicles only) is also available as a on-site service (Time 04 Hrs.)


Call at 0331-2227989 to make your appointment for a hybrid battery fan service.

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