Nissan Note e-Power
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Nissan Note e-Power

The Nissan Note (Japanese: 日産・ノート, Nissan Nōto) was introduced in the market by Nissan in 2004. The vehicle didn’t gained much attention due to poor marketing and bad selling strategies.

The Nissan Note e-Power is an innovative hybrid vehicle that combines the benefits of an electric motor with the convenience of a gasoline engine. It features a unique powertrain setup where the gasoline engine functions solely as a generator to charge the onboard battery, which in turn powers the electric motor that propels the vehicle. This design allows for a highly efficient and smooth driving experience, as the electric motor provides instant torque and acceleration while the gasoline engine ensures a constant and optimal charge level for the battery. The Nissan Note e-Power offers impressive fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and a quieter ride compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. It exemplifies Nissan’s commitment to sustainable mobility and offers a practical and eco-friendly option for those seeking a greener driving solution.

Hybrid cars are finally making there way in almost all markets around the world. The Japanese are  the major market holders due to designing  perfect compact vehicle with state of art safety and reliability.

The vehicle was a 5-door hatchback with a lot of similarities from Nissan Qashqai such as the rear lights and truck design. The car came equipped with a 4 slot grill from a Nissan Murano and fancied 17inch Alloy rims. Most of the interior parts had a brushed Aluminum feel and had sports sears with leather upholstery.

Nissan note came with different versions for UK and Japan market whereas the UK version inherited some features from Renault and the Opel Vauxhall Meriva, the JDM came with only 3 variants having minor body and upholstery differences.

Nissan Note E-power 2018

The 2018 version made headlines around the world because of its flexible hybrid power train features. The basics of the car such as the drive motor and batteries from the very famous Nissan Leaf Electric vehicle. Norway, Finland showed a record sale of Nissan Leaf plug-in hybrids as the country has a very strong EV vehicles eco-system and friendly taxes for the Electric vehicle owners. Nissan has reportedly sold over 300,000 battery electric-leaf vehicles.

The car comes equipped with a 3-cylinder 1.2 Litre naturally aspirated engine and a decent fuel tank. Nissan claims a 1300km range for a faultless vehicle. Some people here in Pakistan have claimed 32km/ltr easily in mix driving conditions.

e-power Development

Nissan played very smart and introduce a newer e-power system which is theoretically a series hybrid. It pairs a 40kw electric motor with a small 1.2 Litre 3 cylinder engine which acts as a generator for the 1.5kW battery. The main purpose of the engine in the e-power is to simply charge the batteries, the wheels are always electrically driven.

The Note e-power system features a e-pedal technology which is same as in Nissan Leaf. The pedal is design to provide instant torque from the electric motor to the wheels. Nissan note here shows a linear acceleration graph and we have found this hybrid vehicle to be the quickest in the market.

Quick acceleration of Nissan Note e-power

The small HR-12DE Engine only has (58kW/103Nm) in it’s engine bay but because the system works only as a range extender found in BMW i-Rex , it is enough to power up the wheels with a whooping (80kW/250Nm). The petrol engine is entirely isolated from the driveline.

The petrol Engine kicks in only when the batteries get low on charge or the on board computer detects quick and fast depletion of the onboard battery.

Nissan Product Line-up

It has plan to bring in this E-power technology to its other variants such as Nissan X-trail and Nissan Navara.

Nissan Note E-12 Second Generation

Nissan Note e-Power Problems

We got a chance to work on a Nissan Note E-power 2nd generation Vehicle that was having startup problems. The Nissan note is a best seller hatchback in Japan and has a direct drive system. Because it has no transmission and the engine power is used solely to charge the batteries and the motors are used to drive the car. It is a very powerful car having more pickup than a Premium Honda Vezel.

Nissan note e power


nissan note e power

nissan note e power

Nissan Note E-power

Nissan Note E-power

Nissan Note E-power

nissan note e-power

This is equipped with a small 1.2 Ltr HR12DE gasoline engine and an electric traction motor EM57

It also comes equipped with a 360-degree parking assist system and a digital panel on the rearview mirror also referred to as a smart rear view system.

nissan note e-power

Technology of E-power

This configuration requires a bigger motor because the motor is the only direct source to drive wheels. This has made it hard for the automotive industry to mount the system in compact cars. However, Nissan has cracked the code and learned how to minimize and reduce weight, develop more responsive motor control methods and optimize energy management. As a result, e-POWER uses a smaller battery than the LEAF, but delivers the same

Power Inverter

nissan note e power

How does Nissan Note E power work?

The e-Power framework’s gas motor powers the vehicle by implication, through a generator. Vitality from the generator controls an electric engine, which moves the car. A little battery was utilized to store supplemental force and might be used during spirited driving.

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