Honda Vezel Car In Pakistan

Honda Vezel Car In Pakistan

Honda Vezel Car

One of the Premium Electric and Hybrid is Honda Vezel car. A well-maintained Vezel will always serve for a longer time. The name Honda Vezel comes from the word “Bezel” which comes from gemology. The 1st Generation it was known for electronic issues due to the presence of two independent ECM,s designed by two different vendors. One ECM controls the dual dry clutches in it while the other is responsible for engine management. Sport hybrid i-DCD is the technical name of the transmission system in it.

Honda Vezel Car Features

Honda Vezel car comes with premium fabric and equipped with state of art safety mechanisms such as lane assist, CTBA, VSA, Cruise control with Radar, pedestrian safety, and airbags for passenger safety. Vezel has mostly plastic trims with a soft feel and has EPB (electric parking brake) and brake hold as standard. Some other standard features include power and heated door mirrors, automatic climate control, 8 airbags, stereo speaker system, power windows, power steering, cruise control etc.

Vezel Dual Clutch Transmission

Both versions of hybrid Vezel car come with 7-speed automatic (Dual-clutch Transmission) also called dry clutch or DSG. The design and manufacturing of the Dual-clutch Transmission give the user a wonderful experience of a light and quick transmission. The Dual-clutch transmission is designed by LUK and distributed through a control sales center by Honda in Japan.

dual clutch transmission

Dual clutches are the talk of the future. Almost every manufacturer is rolling out cars nowadays with a dual dry clutch. New entrants like the hot Proton X70 also uses the intelligent dual dry clutch. The details on the MG HS by SAIC motors also reveal that the vehicle has a dual clutch transmission. The hype doesn’t stop here, Now we may see common sedans with this technology. The recent launch of the ALSVIN also confirms the availability of same system but with a basic low end design that we may see having failures.

Honda Vezel Problems in Pakistan also offers Honda Vezel dual clutch repair and replacement service. If you currently own Vezel with dual clutch transmission problems then consider as a preferred choice for Honda Vezel dual clutch repair service in Islamabad Pakistan. There is no need for you to drive a faulty vehicle. Our professionals can open, fix and calibrate any vezel and fit models. Give us a call now for the best of Honda and Prius Hybrid Auto repair services in Islamabad.

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Honda Vezel Dual Clutch

Honda announces Dual dry clutch in collaboration with LUK

When Honda first announced about dual clutch transmissions in its hybrid cars, it sounded like Honda was either late into the competition or maybe it was following a perfectionist approach before launching it. But later it was found that dual clutch transmissions are nightmare specifically the one in Hybrid Vezel. Keeping that in regard Honda recalled for over 80K cars for either a software update or a change in transmission.

Why replace the Dual dry clutch ?

Honda Vezel usually requires services at 80000km. Honda recalled autos with dual clutch transmission for the third time after the first two being in October 2013 and December 2013 respectively. Usually the HR-V or RU1 and RU2 models are not prone to this issue due to the fact that they comprises conventional CV-T system instead of the dual clutch. According to the auto news Honda Fit GP5 is also prone to this issue.

It is also noted by some exerts that it happens when the hybrid car has a lot of travel with the engine consistently running and heating up the clutch system. Though some dual clutch fluid or oil can cool the system but is not in large quantity and can heat up. So in case of heavy traffic or travelling in a sports mode, the clutch oil level will reduce and hybrid car will display an error message. The key here is to stop the car up to an hour to allow the system to cool down.

Honda Vezel Maintenance Schedule

Timely maintenance is one of the preferred ways of maintaining the quality of your car. With proper maintenance, any car will last for several years and you’ll be able to use it when needed. When you buy a brand new car, most car manufacturing firms offer servicing under a car warranty. However, the key to follow maintenance scheduled according to its mileage. offers top Honda Vezel maintenance services in Islamabad Pakistan to fulfill the requirements of those Vezel owners who left up with no warranty or grace period to cover services.

Listed below are some tips for Honda Vezel maintenance or any other auto:

  • Perform service regularly
  • Proper oil change with frequency
  • Always check for fluid levels

Adaptive Cruise Control In Honda Vezel Car

The cruise control limit set at 110km/hr due to safety regulation by the Japanese motor vehicle authority in Honda Vezel car. is the first company in the world to successfully unlock the cruise control limit on Honda Vezel and Honda Fit vehicles. The company is unlocking the cruise limit on almost all Honda hybrid and Japanese lineups such as Freed, CRV, Honda Fit, etc.

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Software Upgrade For Honda Vezel

The software program controlling the 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) is known for problems in earlier versions of Honda Fit and Honda Vezel cars. This can cause a delay in the shifting of transmission or sometimes a vehicle can not move at all. has a complete software upgrade solution for Honda vehicles from Japan and the local market. Our team can be contacted for customized tune-ups and removal of drive by wire lag.

honda vezel car software upgrade

Honda Vezel Interior

The inside of the Honda Vezel Hybrid updated with a new and improved infotainment system. Both Android and Apple CarPlay supported. The car includes leather-trimmed seats, automatic temperature control, a push start-stop button, Bluetooth connectivity, and a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The Honda Vezel 2021 has lots of room for front and back passengers, as well as plenty of baggage capacity. With the ability to flip and fold seats in a variety of configurations, a large amount of goods may be readily accommodated anytime it is needed.

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